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Technology … is doing my head in

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Alright I am still waiting patiently for my business name approval but have started making in roads into getting everything set up so that when that approval comes I can just push a button and have instant orders done and get business cards etc done as well as publish website and have twitter and facebook and blog or connected to optimise exposure to give me greatest chance of sucess… also I really should learn my grammar again that was one long sentence lol… twitter has me totally confused so I am totally confusing my facebook friends with weird status etc and anyone that follows this blog the twitter updates are on the side to confuse you all too hopefully I will get it all undercontrol by business start up time.

I did not get a phone call yesterday so am guessing I did not win any awards in the Busselton Wildflower Photo Competition will drop in before work to see who did win etc.

Havent been to work for two weeks because of being sick last weekend so should be interesting and be nice to catch up with all the new release movies to dvd.. stay tuned for a few reviews.. now if i could work out to get the facebook flixster application linked to here lol that would be good.

okay now I must away and actually do some housework inbetween website setting up… enjoy your day all xxx

P.s.  if anyone wants to follow me on twitter my name is under ..  cozmist  and facebook I am under my full name.. coralie plozza


Author: Coralie Plozza

Living on Rainbow Farm with my two beautiful children and fur baby Billy in Busselton, Western Australia provides me with stunning sunrise and sunsets and the beauty of Australia's flora and fauna. I hope to bring just a little bit of inspiration, healing and lots of sunshine to your day.

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