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The Highs and Lows of Wednesday

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I have been waiting patiently for my business cards, party invites and other stationery items.  The order should of arrived on the 1st of October I gave it extra time with the WA public holiday and being in a rural area so when it did not arrive yesterday I was most upset my world crashed. I realised that it probably was lost and that meant having to deal with the company to get a new order sent or find the one thats lost.  I did have a nice suprise though my order of canvas and photo prints I put in less than a week ago have arrived and I am really pleased with the quality so they will be getting my business for sure.  Havent had any phone calls yet from my flyer giving out on the weekend but hopefully i will be in the back of peoples mind.  Jennifer went to grandma’s yesterday for a sleep over and I tried to get Robert off to Nanna’s but she got caught up out of town and couldnt do it so ended up still having one child last night but he went to bed on time so wasnt too bad.  Before Jennifer went to grandma’s we went for a drive and visited this beautiful little park in one of the suburb streets of Busselton and I took some pics but the kids are really getting over me taking pics so they didnt really work out well enuff..but it will definetly be on my list as a location shoot with its flower beds and benches and a couple of vine arches its beautiful.  Spring is such a great time with all the flowers blooming the roadsides are a mass of flowers I can not wait to have some paying clients to photograph.. School holidays are over this week so hoping next week to get into booking a few parties and see what happens.. fingers crossed i have all the stationery sorted by then.


Author: Coralie Plozza

Living on Rainbow Farm with my two beautiful children and fur baby Billy in Busselton, Western Australia provides me with stunning sunrise and sunsets and the beauty of Australia's flora and fauna. I hope to bring just a little bit of inspiration, healing and lots of sunshine to your day.

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