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The Beauty of Clouds and Dead Trees …


When I first wake up in the morning I get out of bed go to the window and look out and up. There is nothing more uplifting than getting a look at nature’s beauty as soon as you wake up .  The first thing I look for is Clouds they are so stress relieving you can sit and watch clouds for hours finding shapes and weird and wonderful creatures. Children make games up about cloud watching and it is the best activity in summer to lay on the back lawn look up and cloud watch.  Even to just watch the movement of the clouds and marvel at it.  The way the light of the rising sun plays on the clouds above is amazing and is one of my favorite times to get out there with the camera and just capture the beauty of nature.

be uplifted by the beauty

The rising sun signals the start of a new day . How many of us really take notice of it?  Not many we are too busy taking notice of that clock that is beside the bed ringing in our ears ..get up , get up you HAVE to get up.  Some people live in inner city housing and don’t think to look outside for fear of seeing another grey house or street and its a shame.  The joy of my nature photography though is that you can take the beauty of clouds and sunrise/sunsets into your home and have them there to wake up to every morning.  To wake up to that horrible alarm turn over and look up at your wall to see the beauty of clouds the light playing off them from the sun will bring a sigh of contentment from you and get you up that bit quicker.

The suns rays playing on the clouds

If I look out that window and see those beautiful clouds I have hard trouble going back to bed I have to get up and depending on my capabilities to actually wake up I will either get dressed quickly or just go out walking in my pjs I usually head to the front of our farm where the sun rises and we have a beautiful array of trees along the front boundry fence.  My most favorite tree is no longer alive but is more alive in my life today than it would have ever been with bark and leaves on it sits at our front gate and is seen every day .

Now on the subject of Dead trees which are also a main feature in a lot of my photography.  Have you ever really looked at the branches of a dead tree usually they are barkless making them clean and free of restriction . The top branches reach up and out without anything to stop them or hide them from the clouds and the suns rays.  I feel the connection between the clouds and the sun with the tree below as if its reaching up to the heavens to share its joy of the life it had with everyone.

Rainbow Farm has many dead and living trees our farm is 108 acres and in that we have 10 acres of bush about 20 acres of blue gum tree farming trees then the rest is sweeping paddocks (fields ) of grass.  The magnifecent tree at our front gate is always in my sunrise photos as it reaches up to touch the morning and is very relaxing to look at you get the combination of the suns rays playing across the clouds as well as reaching for those branches . I can stare at those images for ages.  I have many tree images in my collection some I am so glad I got to take when I did as the farmers have pulled them down and made firewood of them its sad to see the old majectic trees go like that and I know I will be upset when Rainbow Farms protecting guard at the front gate falls.

Rainbow Farm front gate protector

In Australia and especially around the Busselton, Western Australia area dead trees are very important to the bird life some species will only nest in the holes of branches in old trees.  Our Black cockatoos are one of those and I think that is why Rainbow Farm is blessed with these birds every nesting season. 

White Tail Black Cockatoo Sweethearts

Wow for not thinking I would be able to do this blog thing I managed a descent sized blog I hope my ramblings are not too much for you all just when you start talking about your passion its hard to stop.  Make sure you get out there and take a look around today if you can’t visit my galleries on my website or fanpage!/pages/Busselton-Australia/Rainbow-Farm-Photography/133134259719?ref=ts


Author: Coralie Plozza

Living on Rainbow Farm with my two beautiful children and fur baby Billy in Busselton, Western Australia provides me with stunning sunrise and sunsets and the beauty of Australia's flora and fauna. I hope to bring just a little bit of inspiration, healing and lots of sunshine to your day.

2 thoughts on “The Beauty of Clouds and Dead Trees …

  1. Great post!
    I love your perspective of dead trees. I’ve never thought of it that way. Will have to share w/my hubby who’s been wanting to take down our own dead tree for years!
    Such a wonderful gift for you to have such beauty around you AND to want to share it with those who do not!

  2. Great job! Very well said and it makes me want to live your life! Keep up the good work and I definitely plan to come back for some more!! Can you send me one of those birds? LOL…

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