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Nature playing games with the nature photographer


This morning was a morning much like any other ,  although I actually got to sleep in till 7am that was okay as the sun has been sleeping in till at least 7.15am each morning so once the kids were sorted I quickly got the over coat on and slung the camera bag over the shoulder and headed for the front gate of Rainbow farm and the sunrise view.  As I started to walk I could see the sun just peaking over the horizon and it looked unusually large and the orange glow it was giving the sky was beautiful.  I began to quicken my speed thinking I may miss the best part of the sunrise.  No I was okay I got to the gate I had the bag open the camera in hand and ready to take that perfect shot .  I turn it on and look through the lens.  Nothing… where is my perfect sunrise shot?  Checked I didn’t have a blonde moment and leave the lens cap on … no wasn’t that.

OH NO … the battery was DEAD…. now what?

My mind raced should I just give up and miss the sunrise today?  I actually thought of the people that look forward to my sunrise photos each morning and that was it couldn’t let them down.  Now the scary part. .. I RAN  yes I RAN   back to the house took the battery out put it on charge .. went and did stage two of the kids breakfast which took a couple of minutes , whipped the battery back into the camera and RAN …. yes … RAN  all the way back down to the gate.  The sun was higher in the sky but still looked beautiful … Turn the camera on and … click … YES …. click again ….YES

another good shot …

click…nothing battery dead again 😦

only got two shots before the battery died again but at least one of them was a winner.  So I walked quickly back to the house to put the battery back on charge hoping that it would charge quickly and I could capture a few more morning sunrise shots before the sun got to high in the sky.

30 minutes later I took off again towards the gate out of the house yard walking past the garage quickly in anticipation of getting a few more good shots then for some reason I glanced back at the house and after walking 100 metres from the house I notice a rainbow appearing above the house .  Now to decide .. go take more sunrise shots or race round the front of the house to where the windmill and water tank are to take photos of the rainbow.  Getting a bit out of puff by this time all this racing around sure God had his nature mysteries playing games with me.

At least nature had the decency to give me a double rainbow to enjoy before it went on its way.

Now do I run back down to the gate?  Had I had enough of chasing nature this morning… had nature had enough playing games with me?

Well I must admit the urge to get back in the nice warm house that I had to walk past to get back to the front gate was strong but also that “what if” thought in my mind that I may miss something amazing if I don’t go back down to the gate was too great.

So off I trudged again not even bothering to go round the nice dry track and going as the crow flies through the wet grass and bushes.

Now you decide if my trip was worth it or not.

Now of course the moral of the story is to have your batteries charged… a side note to this is after I got back to the warm house the phone rang and both ..yes both phones where beeping at me saying LOW BATTERY… and then I took the kids into the car and my eldest asks to listen to her favourite song on the ipod and guess what … yes you guessed it the thing was as flat as a tack.

Today has now been renamed battery charge day 😛


Author: Coralie Plozza

Living on Rainbow Farm with my two beautiful children and fur baby Billy in Busselton, Western Australia provides me with stunning sunrise and sunsets and the beauty of Australia's flora and fauna. I hope to bring just a little bit of inspiration, healing and lots of sunshine to your day.

10 thoughts on “Nature playing games with the nature photographer

  1. Well what a funny read! and a lesson learnt too, but you still managed to capture some good shots.

    Lesson #2, put on your list – Save up to buy a 2nd battery!
    I can’t get buy without 2 batteries.

  2. love your story Coralie…..made me smile…
    is there a message here?
    Do YOUR batteries need re-charging?

    And the photos are beautiful too….

  3. Oh Carolie!

    This is my first visit to your blog, and I can’t even tell you what it has done for me. The beautiful pictures are indeed healing and calming. Our creator certainly showed off this morning, and you captured it for us.

    I am going back to look at more of your posts, and will look forward to more from you.

    Where do you live? How large is the farm? Do you farm?

    I live in Tennesse, in the Appalacian Mountains, close to The Great Smoky Mountians.


    • It is great to hear that someone has felt the healing power of my images .. so glad you dropped by.. I live in Busselton, Western Australia our farm is only small 108 acres which is has about 10 acres of natural bush , 20 acres under gum trees for tree farming the rest is fields/paddocks just grass .. one of the paddocks will be growing potato’s shortly. If you enjoy seeing my images join me on my facebook page which I update daily thank you for stopping by love to get comments : )

  4. Coralie, your photos are wonderful! I agree with Pam, they are so peaceful and regenerating. I am looking at them during the morning hours and it is a great start to my day. I also went to your fan page and “liked” you so I can see more.

    • thank you Pat it is a joy to make the start to someones day and for those that can’t get out and see the real thing it is so uplifting . Make sure you have a look up and around from your busy day to see the beauty in nature it will make a good middle to your day too : ) Great to have you join my page too although at the moment I would rather be going out to do sunrise shots in america than here is a bit chilly

  5. Coralie,

    This is my first time coming to your blog as well. You know I thought you lived in NC since you were connected to Heather O—how silly of me! I have seen your photos and they are breath taking. To see the early morning sun and the stillness and beauty surrounding it speaks volumes. I truly admire your work!

    • thank you Beverly and it is a wonder the connections that can be made by the amazing internet and more importantly to me facebook it has changed my life .. and Ms Heather O has got my life into the passion of a lifetime sharing my natures gifts of home.

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