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Spring is here … Rainbow season is over … On to flowers and sunshine

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It is with mixed feelings I find that with the change of month we also change season.  The beauty of winter although cold and often raining can not be denied.  Winter brings the amazing green paddocks (fields) and chance of rainbows nearly every day .

Also during winter the clouds are amazing which make for great days of gazing into the heavens looking for white fluffy bunny rabbits or Nemo the fish which seemed to frequent the skies quiet often according to many of my Rainbow Farm Photography Facebook page members.

Can you see Nemo?

The beauty of the clouds of winter also bring such variation to the morning sunrise.  I love when the clouds make layers or strips of cloud across the sky allowing the rising sun to reflect through every layer differently and stretching the suns rays across the sky.

winter also brings around the migration of several species of birds such as ducks and ibis even the black cockatoo’s seem to signal when the rain is coming.

That is the joys of Winter but then the amazing colour and sunshine of Spring is a joy in itself … It refreshes the senses and uplifts the soul

The paddocks go from a lush green colour to being covered in flowers of all kinds depending on what has been planted.

The colour also begins to change in the little visitors that come to Rainbow Farm’s yard and to many other yards across Western Australia .. the male Blue wrens begin to get their beautiful vibrant blue feathers.

This just shows that every season has it’s advantages and is a joy to behold … just getting out there and enjoying the beauty of nature and feeling its healing power at any time of the year.

1st day of Spring Sunrise

I for one will be enjoying the sunshine and beautiful colour of the days to come.


Author: Coralie Plozza

Living on Rainbow Farm with my two beautiful children and fur baby Billy in Busselton, Western Australia provides me with stunning sunrise and sunsets and the beauty of Australia's flora and fauna. I hope to bring just a little bit of inspiration, healing and lots of sunshine to your day.

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