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Nature is Decorating for Christmas


You always know when Christmas is on it’s way for all us over here in Australia the weather starts getting warmer and the beautiful blue skies are here to stay.  The sun starts to rise earlier and set later letting us play longer in the daylight.


In Busselton we start to see a little bit more christmas colour in the country side.  When  you go for a walk in the bush land nature has already started trimming the trees with tinsel.  You can’t walk far without running into a silver threaded spider web with an amazing coloured decoration hanging from it in the form of a living christmas spider.  The colour ranges from yellow , white and black to red or orange in places through out the south west.  They may be a bit creepy up close and can have a bit of a painful bite on them but I associate their arrival with natures way of telling us Christmas is on its way.





The tree’s also put on a display with the Australian Christmas Trees all flowering from December.  Showing yellow to orange flowers throughout the green foliage.  Giving the landscape some more colour while the heat is turning the grass in the paddocks brown.

Our Very Own Christmas Tree outback of Rainbow Farm House


The healing power of nature can be found at all times of year and the beauty of the changing seasons brings new and different joys with each passing day.

Enjoy the season of Christmas and make sure you take the time to notice how nature is showing her colour for you.


Season’s Greetings xxx











Author: Coralie Plozza

Living on Rainbow Farm with my two beautiful children and fur baby Billy in Busselton, Western Australia provides me with stunning sunrise and sunsets and the beauty of Australia's flora and fauna. I hope to bring just a little bit of inspiration, healing and lots of sunshine to your day.

121 thoughts on “Nature is Decorating for Christmas

  1. Thank you. Those spiders will now make regular appearances in my nightmares! 😉

    Great post…

  2. Nice pictures…I have never seen a spider like that!!!

  3. Really nice pics.

    Greetings, Alex

  4. Ahh! I always forget the seasons are different in the south!
    Merry Christmas and congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

  5. that is a crazy looking bug. never seen one like it. Nature is truly beautiful.

  6. We shoukd all look after mother nature to be sure that images like these will exist in the future. Here in the Basque Country the scenery is starting to be a beautiful Christmas one. If you want to see some photos just take a look at this blog

    • thank you for stopping by and seeing the different Christmas we have here sometimes I wish for a white christmas but still love the warm .. i will certainly check out your blog as well

  7. Christmas without snow seems so strange to me! Lovely photos 🙂

    • yes the sometimes the thought of NEVER having a white christmas here is sad but do love being nice and warm and being able to play out in the sun on christmas day. thank you for stopping by : )

  8. Are you serious? The weather gets warmer at Christmas time? I wish that happened over here in the US.

    • yes sometimes it is too hot on christmas day we sit there sweltering and you can’t really enjoy the traditional hot christmas dinner .. The white christmas in the snow looks so beautiful but I could do with out the cold

  9. these photo blogs really annoy me because they are hard for me to comprehend because im so awful with a camera. congrats!

    • lol.. you made my heart jump for a second there thinking I had offended someone .. practice, practice and more practice and I got to admit a bit of artistic flair helps when taking nature photos. I am thinking of blogging on my thought process soon so keep checking back : )

  10. Beautiful shots! My boss is from Australia and he always tells us of Christmas days of spent on the beach with a BBQ lunch. I wish! lol!

  11. Your photography is very good! I love the colors and composition! First time I’ve ever heard of a Christmas Spider, though! Great job!

  12. OMG the last image…left me absolutely breathless… amazing!

  13. The last picture is breathtaking. I wish I could have seen in person. Just lovely.

  14. Beautiful post! I agree with you about Mother Nature’s gifts to us…we just need to slow down and take the time to view the magnificence right in front of us each day.

    Merry Christmas!

    • yes I recommend taking the time to look around you will be amazed at how much more vision you get and focus just from taking the time to relax and drift away in nature the real thing or nature photography. Thank you for your comment and Seasons greetings to you : )

  15. Wow, lucky you! I never thought of the weather in Australia being so nice during or winter season. The pictures you shared were so pretty! I loved the sunset, how beautiful. We here in America always associate snow with Christmas, since moving to Arizona I’ve been enjoying the warmth as you do and I love it. Thanks for sharing your unique view and expanding an Americans view…

    • it’s funny we too here in australia associate snow with your american christmas forget you too have hot places. It is amazing to see the differences in the world and share the healing power of nature everywhere.

  16. Carol,
    Interesting to see the commercial activity and family festivities picking up around the holiday season. Have a look at an alternate view: Christmas From A Muslim Viewpoint:

    In peace and faith, from Karachi, Pakistan.

    • it’s always good to see a different view and take the time out to enjoy them all .. thank you for your comment . It is scary sometimes the way of the commercialism of christmas is going and the pressures it puts but those are the times to stop and look out into nature and renew.

  17. xoxoxo and a happy new year

  18. Beautiful! Nice to see what’s happening on the other side of the world during the holidays! Send some warmth here in the states, please.

    Love the pictures! Thank you for sharing what Christmas is like in Australia!

    Happy Holiday!

    • thank you .. your welcome and maybe if you send a bit of cold and I will send some warm and we will both enjoy a nice mild enjoyable christmas .. but wouldn’t you miss your snow?
      merry christmas

  19. Beautiful photos! (Even if the thought of a Christmas spider sounds a bit strange!)

  20. omgosh! i am terrified of spiders!

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  21. Beautiful pictures give a different viewpoint of expected holiday weather. Congrats on being freshly pressed.

  22. I had a book about spiders as a child and I remember of picture of one of those freaky looking ones!

  23. Esta es la verdedera Navidad toda la naturalesa que Dios creo , no les parese que es lo mejor que nos pudo pasar desde que nacimos , y esa misma naturaleza vamos el dia que Dios lo deside……con todo mi cariño para todos ,BESOS..

  24. I’m so jealous. I’m counting down the days to the winter solstice because I am tired of the dark cold weather. I need more sunshine!


  25. some gorgeous images! It’s been minus 15 degrees here today so very jealous of your summer coming now 🙂

    • brrrr… a white christmas sounds so beautiful but you can keep the cold thank you for your comment and have a wonderful christmas throw a snowball for me and i will play some lawn cricket for you 😛

  26. Wow! Beautiful. I was lucky to spend a year in Australia in ’97. Did it all but west. Loved the center.

    • now the center sure has some colour mainly red well you just have to come back and see the west specially the south west beautiful country give me a shout it you make it this way : )

  27. Interesting post and nice photo… love it… 🙂

  28. The pictures look great! Thanks for sharing!

  29. Nice Pictures! Love photography.

    Greeting from Indonesia 🙂

  30. Pingback: World Spinner

  31. Love this! Nice to see a warm, vibrant holiday season!

  32. Loving the photos! Have a Merry Christmas!

  33. Nice post, but “Yuck” on the spiders! I hate spiders! 🙂

  34. Nice pics…. love it!

  35. Christmas is big occasion for human-beings, natural send her gifts us.

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  37. What a beautiful expression of a changing season! My little one has asked me where in the world it is warm when it is cold where we live. She really enjoyed hearing your account of a warming winter. Have a great season.

    • it is priceless seeing the faces of children for mine they don’t really get the concept of snow… Western australia and for that matter all of australia is warm this time of year. season’s greetings

  38. Awh, this makes me miss Australia even more! … Except for that I was on the East coast and not West and we didn’t have those spiders crawling about the city 😛 Thank goodness because I would have freaked, although I have to admit they look pretty cool! Great pictures and congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

  39. I’ve always wanted to visit Australia. The scenery seems to be so beautiful. But those spiders freak me out–no matter how colorful they are!

    Thanks so much for sharing your Christmas colors!

    • lol.. the spiders are actually not that big so you wouldn’t notice them unless you looked for them .. come and see australia it is amazing .. google Busselton Western australia and see my town : )

  40. Wow. I love that photo on the bottom…just a gorgeous sunset.

  41. Very interesting, that spider is fantastic, I must get to Australia one of these days.

    Happy Holidays!

  42. Hi Coralie,
    Your blog is lovely and your photos are beautiful. I have never seen spiders like that! I come from the Middle East; not as much variety when it comes to animals and plants. We have other great things to enjoy though 🙂
    Merry Christams, your photos were very refreshing!

    • thank you for your wonderful comment and it is true that nature is unique in every place in the world and the true beauty is there to be found … Merry christmas and enjoy the wonders of nature 🙂

  43. Great photos! I hope you posted a bigger one, though. 🙂

  44. The BEAUTY of nature! AWESOME!!! Thank you for sharing it with all of us.

  45. christmas brings warm thoughts even in the cool december

  46. great photos! did u always take such great photos or did u start out taking not so great ones??i have a keen interest in nature and wildlife photography.. ur inputs will be appreciated:)
    i never thought spiders could look so lovely!

    • Good question … I think it wasn’t until I actually started to THINK about taking photos that I got good at them before that it was a rushed click here and there with the occasional good one. When you start noticing the nature around you and are searching for good scenes or looking for animals , birds etc that you then automatically start scanning for the best view point . zoom in , zoom out , move to the left a bit, get down close to the ground and shoot upwards etc. I also think digital is so much of a help you see a beautiful image and miss out on the other hundred that were

  47. great shots, and I agree with Karine, Christmas without snow is kinda weird.

    Thanks for sharing.

  48. BEAUTIFUL photographs 🙂

  49. Please view my Christmas ‘Landscape, clouds..’ 🙂

  50. Gorgeous pictures, and I love your description of the sights around you. Made me feel as though I was there, albeit temporarily! Merry Christmas to you!

  51. Beautiful! Nature is getting ready for Christmas around in North Dakota and it is wearing a completely different outfit! Thanks for sharing your world.

  52. Sounds like Australia is where I need to go for the winter. Over here in North Carolina the weather is getting colder and the days shorter. This is the first year that I have come to a firm conclusion that I don’t like either of these happenings. As for those spiders I could do without them. The look like a mix of spider and horny toad with a flair for fashion. Enjoy your Christmas!

  53. Your pictures and comments are beautfully done. The pictures reminded me to two places in my life. Iceland, where I was stationed for a year with a NATO command, and had the opportunity to see the Northern Lights.

    The other is our other home on Cedar Creek Lake in East Texas. The scenes from our back porch on our long weekends, change daily. As seniors, we are downsizing, and the place is for sale. It will be a heart-breaker for my wife and I, when it sells. God’s landscape in a church without ceilings, is truly amazing.

  54. Wow, love the picture of the spider! Happy holidays!

  55. Hey…nice picture and very interesting concept. You can see some interesting picture on my blog too Daniel Kitu Blog. If you want to exchange links let me know.

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