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The Day that should of Been

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Still days behind now on my blogging .. got to remember to JUST DO IT  instead of waiting for the sun and the planets to aline on the right timing of it all… also battling the rainbow farm kids at the moment with school holidays in full swing and my son just turning 4 he thinks he is just it and gone totally silly.

Anyway … on Tuesday the 4th of January … I had it all planned out the day before after the poor effort of videoing the sunrise I was going to take the tripod down and do it properly.  So when I awoke with a start this morning at 5.05am I rushed out before I was really awake straight out of bed and down the road camera in hand and not anything else … got down to the end of the drive and remembered my plans to capture the sunrise on video … so I sat there for a minute contemplating RUNNING back to the house for the tripod………

hmmm … should I ? …. then the early morning breeze and no hint of colour yet sealed it … I needed to visit the ladies room as well now … so rush back I did… visited the bathroom .. grabbed the tripod and raced back down …. where was the sun?   geezzzz…. could of slept in another 10 minutes just shows that it doesn’t take long to get to the gate in the morning and the sun is rising later finally be thankful for not so early rising thats for sure.

Tripod set up and waiting … I wonder how people use these things I found it most uncomfortable and after pressing record I got caught up in the legs and shook the camera bit nearly swore but held my breath .


I decided not to talk in this and had a play with the basic you tube titling … the wind was up slightly but if you sit and listen carefully you can hear the birds calling….

There is a pair of Willy wag tails that flit around chasing each other every morning…..




Then there is always Blue Wrens and their female mates in the bushes ….



then as the crow flies … through you hear them call loudly



I was lucky this morning that the red tailed cockatoos had flown through and can be heard in the back ground too dark to photograph but the video picks up there calls and they weren’t on the property yesterday morning so that was a bonus.



Oh and there went a fantail chasing after the fun of the willy wag tails…



Now I know there were some 28 parrots somewhere over the back of the neighbours farm fighting with each other  calling  “28,28,28”



And last but not least and i am sure there were lots of other birds that I didn’t recognise or have images of floating around … the Magpie …



It is always so peaceful to sit and listen to the dawn chorus of birds and you can let your mind drift away while watching the sunrise and think what bird is that ?  the freshness of a clear mind and a great start to the day … this ofcourse can be done at sunset if you are not such a early bird like me  the sunset is just as magical not sure the birds are as chirpy though.



Then you come home to find you can’t get into your garage to park the car … because….



Truck had valet parked out the back of the farmhouse .. thank fully potato harvesting is finished for a while now so no more valet parking the next thing parked should be the ute.


It was a beautiful day from start to finish with lots to see and hear … take time to stop … look… hear … all the nature around you even in the concrete jungle


Author: Coralie Plozza

Living on Rainbow Farm with my two beautiful children and fur baby Billy in Busselton, Western Australia provides me with stunning sunrise and sunsets and the beauty of Australia's flora and fauna. I hope to bring just a little bit of inspiration, healing and lots of sunshine to your day.

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