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Farm Life can be Dangerous

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The warm weather has started making a more regular appearance .  The yellow flowers have come and gone the grass is starting to get a tinge of brown.

The Black cockatoos are a regular visitor at the moment in their flocks of hundreds making the dawn chorus even louder than usual.


With the warmer weather also comes the awakening of all those cold blooded creatures that rather sleep the day away in a nice warm hole somewhere than move around.  This time of year while the snakes and lizards are still a bit sleepy it can be very dangerous place to be on the farm specially as Rainbow Farm has so much bush (forrest) areas and the farm house is situated in the middle of all this lovely greenery.

You can imagine my surprise when one morning I can hear a lot of racket going on outside a thumping against the wall along side the house … I was thinking that young Miss Ellie our beautiful border collie dog was having fun with her favourite play toy so went to open up the sliding door to the outside and just as I reached for the handle I got a nasty scare … a rather large (yes all those locals out there it’s a baby to you) snake flew up at the window.  I immediately jumped back from the door and (yes I said a few choice words) I stood frozen watching the dog bouncing in and out at this snake and the snake rearing up at the door trying to get away.  What to do??  my heart was going a million miles an hour I seriously didn’t want to go outside didn’t have any shoes on .. where are my shoes??  no idea at that moment … I had to get the dog away before she got bitten … So round to the other side of the house I go and yelled rather loudly and hopefully with great authority (we all know how the dog and the kids really listen to their mum) I called for Ellie .. and to my great joy she came straight away she was rather pleased with herself for being able to come inside.

The snake eventually moved off and back into the bush on the otherside of the house but the dog stayed in the house for the rest of the afternoon just incase and the Rainbow farm children got a big lecture about not going near the bush and to wear shoes at all times from now on.

A few days later we had another visitor I had heard Miss Ellie barking for longer than the usual  so had gone to take a look and there was a racehorse goanna in the clear area in front of our garage where the car gets parked outside the fenced area.  There was no danger to it or the dog so I raced in and grabbed the camera hoping that it would enjoy watching the silly dog for a bit longer .  Managed to get close the sun was in the wrong position for a good shot without spooking it but you can get the idea of what he looked like.

These guys aren’t really dangerous would give a good scratch and nip if they got to close but the speed they can travel means that rarely happens I love seeing them they are so regal looking I think.

The other visitors that can cause a commotion in the Rainbow Farm yard is the Blue tongue lizards or bobtails as we like to call them. Miss Ellie usually manages to bail at least two or three every spring/summer season she doesn’t always bark at these ones so I have to be fairly vigilant if she goes missing for a while she has one under the bush in the corner of the yard and she can manage to kill these poor creatures.

I usually have to save the poor thing not that it likes that idea thinking I am a bigger threat than the dog get to see a good look at that blue tongue as I gingerly try to reach behind for it’s neck where it can’t reach me with it’s jaws to carry it to safety.

Ellie with a bobtail under the farm house verandah


the famous blue tongue


So when you are out in the Australian countryside in spring and summer please watch where you are stepping keep an eye on the ground and keep your pets from going into areas where you can’t see them it is a terrible time of year for snake bites and many pets do not make it through.

These creatures are in their homes in nature and we have intruded on that by building a house in the middle of their road I did not and will not kill these creatures unless I absolutely have no other choice.

Respect is what is needed and common sense.

Enjoy nature and give it the respect it deserves 🙂




Author: Coralie Plozza

Living on Rainbow Farm with my two beautiful children and fur baby Billy in Busselton, Western Australia provides me with stunning sunrise and sunsets and the beauty of Australia's flora and fauna. I hope to bring just a little bit of inspiration, healing and lots of sunshine to your day.

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