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Reliving and Releasing 2012

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It still amazes me that I did not do one blog post in 2012 it shows that I have something to work on this year .. I know I thought often of blogging and wanted to but stepped away from it because once you have been silent for a few weeks months I always feel like I have to explain my absence but no more I will just put the post up when it comes to me and if it is not in the perfect order then so be it.

This post is a wrap up of what happened in 2012 to give you a taste of all the joy that did happen and even a bit of sadness along the way it was a big year for growth and change for me and I am looking forward to the year ahead to make all those changes come to pass. It may all be a bit confusing will just type and add as I remember things have done a couple of small videos to showcase a few of the images that were taken through out the year there a many more and all can be seen on my facebook pages Rainbow Farm Photography and Sunlit Memories.

Will start with a snap shot video of 2012’s Sunrises it was a beautiful year for sunrises and as I looked through the month choosing five from each one I noticed that although there was a few rainy days most of each month had a beautiful sunrise. I decided in March last year to dedicate a facebook page just to the sunlit images such as sunrises and sunsets and just sun in clouds images.
Sunlit Memories was born and is slowly coming into its own will be developing this name and page a lot more in 2013.

Sunsets and sunshine came my way a lot also in 2012 although I don’t get as many sunsets because they usually occur at dinner time or arsenic hour as it’s called where the rainbow farm kids are a tiny bit of a handful so I am concentrating on getting them fed before they start chewing on me. I may try and change that a bit this coming year maybe a wind down trip outside to enjoy the sunset would be a good thing just have to organize my dinner planning better .. food for thought. Anyway here is a little video with a few of the shots from last year including some beautiful rainbows good old rainbow farm did not disappoint for it’s abundance of rainbows you should check out all the rainbows HERE

There was a bit of change this year and not so much for the good those days that the sun did not shine and the wind and rain battered rainbow farm and the countryside around it we lost a few of our most treasured trees. I am so humbled that I started this journey to photograph the sunrise each day because I got so many beautiful images of these trees before they were lost to us forever and now I have that memory to share and relive in the future.


16th of September 2010 Sunrise

Both of these trees have gone now brought down in storms

RF 130612 tree2

The beautiful Guardian to the the gate of Rainbow Farm is now Gone.

110610 sunrise 1

This beautiful dead tree lost it’s top in a storm and has since fallen down.

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This tree stood in a paddock on a farm on the road leading up to rainbow farm .. the farm ended up for sale .. the new owners destroyed this tree for more crop space before I had a chance to show them it’s true beauty.

I had a big crisis of faith when I lost these beautiful trees in the space of a few months I thought what was the point when the main focus of so much of my work was these trees.  I have managed to go on and I felt really silly grieving for trees that were already dead but I needed that time to grieve they were a big part of my life and now they are gone.  The sun still gets up each morning and I now search further to find some more interesting trees and sunrises images these trees will forever be a memory to cherish and I am so lucky to have photographed them and be able to visit them when ever I want to remember.

A lot happened in 2012 I am sure much more than is shown here and I promise this year you will see more of what is happening on Rainbow Farm in this blog for daily inspiration and healing there is always something up on


Rainbow Farm Photography Facebook Page


Sunlit Memories Facebook Page

I now release 2012 and look for new and exciting adventures in 2013 I hope you can join me on my journey.




Author: Coralie Plozza

Living on Rainbow Farm with my two beautiful children and fur baby Billy in Busselton, Western Australia provides me with stunning sunrise and sunsets and the beauty of Australia's flora and fauna. I hope to bring just a little bit of inspiration, healing and lots of sunshine to your day.

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