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Introducing the Talented … Miss Jennifer

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The school holidays have just finished here in Western Australia the rainbow farm kids are back in school.

The holidays were long and the kids got up to so much fun .. on one of the trips to the local dvd rental store my daughter Jennifer chose a Barbie Fashion designer movie and after watching it several times she decided that she was going to be a designer.

Jennifer will be turning 8 years old at the end of this month and she loves to be creative just like her mum … she at one stage wanted to be a photographer like her mum but now she is wanting to earn money like her mum (now I have a bit of a reputation to live up to )



Jennifer Starting Grade Three this week


Jennifer sat for several days into weeks drawing designs of new dresses and what I loved was that each design was on a different model all different colored hair and styles.





I was impressed at how they turned out and showed a few friends who suggested I put the designs on a t’shirt .. I have managed to get a couple of the designs up as t’shirts and I think will work on putting them onto the cards and prints as well.





I have told Miss Jennifer that I am very proud of her and that mummy will sell her artwork for her but she won’t get all the money to spend I will give her a portion to spend out of each sale and then the rest will go into a savings account she has set up for her future … If she manages to sell a reasonable amount we will send some of the proceeds to charity as well.

While her motivation is up and running I will be encouraging her to develop her creative side and business savvy never to early to learn I don’t think about time these kids learned that money isn’t grown on trees but with some hard work you can grow your own successful future.

Jennifer’s Designs will be promoted through my Redbubble Portfolio I will update them as she gives me new designs the first two that are above are available as T’shirts and will shortly be available in other formats such as greeting cards.

To find out sizing and pricing head over to HERE and take a look also stay awhile get a taste of nature as well with all the Rainbow farm photography designs .. this shop needs a bit of updating and revamping but you will get a sense of what there is to offer and if you follow the Rainbow Farm Photography Facebook Page and there is an image on there that you would like to see in the shop just let me know and I can add it.

Would love to get lots of likes and comments and shares for Jennifer she loves to read them and will get her to reply as soon as she is around to do so.


Author: Coralie Plozza

Living on Rainbow Farm with my two beautiful children and fur baby Billy in Busselton, Western Australia provides me with stunning sunrise and sunsets and the beauty of Australia's flora and fauna. I hope to bring just a little bit of inspiration, healing and lots of sunshine to your day.

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