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Believe in the Abundance

I can’t believe sometimes the wild wonderful ride that I have been on this last year if you told me the beginning of last year I would be sitting here choosing a oracle card each day for the world to tell them what they need that day and then told me it would be from my own designed deck .. I would of called you crazy.

But here I am and it amazes me pulling that card each day how right it is for the day and it seems to tie in with lessons I have learned in the previous day.

Saturday’s card that came out was …



055 log on


Description for this card is …

your sunlit memory today is bringing you ABUNDANCE you will see a multiplication of what you desire . Work from what you have stand it up in a row like a fence write down those goals that to do list and with every tick off on the list you will multiply your abundance to grow in your life to shine through those goals taking you on a much larger journey than you ever thought possible.


Friday morning I had met up with a wonderful friend of mine that is also a stay at home business mum and we were having a business brain storming session because it is so great to have someone else to bounce ideas off and get you motivated to keep going when the going gets tough.

I arrived with my Leonie Dawson Incredible Year Workbooks in tow and she also has a copy of the workbooks.

we got them out and I turned to the calendar and asked her …

What amount of sales do you want to earn this month??

I asked that question I think Five times because she kept making an excuse and telling me what everyone else wanted her to earn .. her companies quota etc.

Her February calendar was blank she had not visualized her abundance if anything she had got stuck on what the company wanted her to earn that month and I relented and let her write that amount down.

Now here is my page of abundance for the month which was a scary thing to write down for me when I haven’t been selling anything and last months sales were a small $400


feb goals $1500


My friend has the exact same page with out all the colour and affirmations she wrote that amount in that BIG box in SMALL numbers up in the left hand corner of the box and she even started writing the SAME amount in the other months .


If you want abundance in your life you have to ask for it .. if you just ask for money .. the universe is not going to know what you want .. it could mean one dollar that is money.

What you visualize you want in this life it will be mirrored back to you a reflection of your self worth … if you don’t visualize anything then that is what you get … if you visualize what others think you are worth then that is what you will get.

Also don’t be meek with it ..

Write it BIG ..

Write it BOLD…

And tell the world about it

So what do you want to earn this month ??


Comment below … but it in BOLD numbers

you don’t have to be in business to write that number even a non working house wife needs to know how much money is coming in this month and can control how much is saved.

My friend wrote it down which was a big step for her and I am going to work on her writing it BIGGER in size by appearance and number next time because when I asked her if this total would feed her family this month she had to say NO.

To have your goal in front of you visually for all to see is a great tool to getting that goal .. goes with any part of your life that is needing more abundance.

A great way to get that abundance is to go through the ..

Leonie Dawson 2013 Incredible Year Workbooks with Calendars


To keep those goals and motivations in your sight daily a great way to do that is to have …

The New Year’s Goals Package


So that you are seeing your goals every day.

Another tip that I learned last week from a webinar by Denise Duffield-Thomas also known as “the Lucky Bitch”

Set your passwords to have the amount you want to earn this year whether it be $50,000 or $500,000 or even scarier more .. every time you enter your password you will be affirming that amount and manifesting it.

Write your monthly and yearly goals down daily think of them often I have a reminder set on my phone to come up every day saying …



I have told the world on this blog and on all my Facebook Pages.

Make that number then plan to get it.

What ever you think your worth is what will be reflected back to you.

So think BIG


If you would like to look over the rest of the sunlit oracle card set I have them uploaded HERE feel free to like and comment on your favourites.

Another solution is to have your very own piece of paradise in your own home and workplace if abundance is something you need to work on BUY a copy of this image in a format that sings to you even if it’s just a greeting card you can carry around with you to remind you.




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