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Leaving that light Shining brightly a path to freedom and adventure

Today’s sunlit memories oracle card is …

Leave a Light On

026 leave a light on

Card Description is ..

You need to make sure you keep the light burning in your soul you are worthy of all the world can give you . Leaving a light on for another is only okay if you don’t sacrifice your own light. Artificial thoughts and feelings that don’t really have a place anymore have to be given away bring your inner light and sunshine out for all those precious to you to see.

This card ties in beautifully with Day Three of the 30 Day Blog Challenge with Natalie Sisson.

30 day challenge

The question for today’s blogging challenge was …

What’s your definition of freedom in business and adventure in life?

The only way to be truly free and be able to live the adventure of life is to keep the light in your soul shining brightly allowing it to guide you and shape your life.

I believe living your true passion is the best way to experience freedom.

Find what makes you happy and as long as it is not going to hurt anyone else … go for it.

I am working my way towards this true goal by using this year to develop my spiritual intuition and oracle card sets with the aim to next year launching into being paid financially for my gifts as well along side my passion for Pet and Nature Photography.

What is your passion?

Follow your dreams to freedom and adventure.

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What life do you dream of living?

Day two of the 30 Day Blogging challenge and the question is …

If you could be or do anything what would it be??

It is an interesting question because we just can’t get pasted the physical and mental boundaries we set on ourselves.

Also thinking about what ‘I’ Want is hard to do with family to consider.

I am a simple girl though and really just want to be ME.

I want to be able to have the chance to grow at the pace I need and to find my destiny and joy without too much struggle along the way.

I am enjoying delving into my more spiritual side and releasing those gifts more.

It is in the Dream to keep that development going to publish my sunlit memories oracle deck plus many more spiritual, inspirational and healing products containing my nature photography.

I am happy to take the path that God is sending me down but as todays sunlit memories oracle card tells us … I am keeping an eye out for those changes that will send me in the right direction.

Today’s card chosen

Mists of Change

024 mists of change

Card Description:

Each day the sun rises and sets but each day is unique with time comes change it is up to you if it is to be a big change or small you will never know the beauty of your life if you don’t get out there and live it from every different angle and along other avenues you can’t get beautiful dappled light in your life unless you surrender to a new change of view. Time to find something new in your life and pursue it.Are you happy with your life?  Have you been dreaming of a different life?

Maybe a look into yourself is in order and a reorder of the way you are heading ..look for those mists of change.

Follow on my journey I am looking forward to tomorrows blogging challenge question.

30 day challenge


Inspiring myself to Blog with Suitcase Entrepreneur’s 30 Day Blog Challenge

You may have noticed a few changes ..

along with the sound of crickets chirping on this page

The name has been changed …


Well lots of secret can’t tell reasons but the name may of changed you will still get some amazing inspirational and more on the spiritual side postings from this page.

To keep up with all the Rainbow Farm Photography news there is also a blog dedicated to the pet and nature photography side.

Rainbow Farm Photography Blog

Sunlit Memories blog will be the place to come to enjoy all the wonders of the Sunlit Memories Oracle Cards and all things sunlit.

It is a place for me to explore my intuition and trial my cards before having them published July 2014.

Now that this has been decided I was excited to see a posting about …

30 day challenge

This is just what I need to get me up and blogging more often not leaving it months inbetween postings.

This challenge is going to get the juices flowing again and help me bring more joy and spirit into your days.

I hope you can join me on this challenge which I will be doing on both my blogs so follow, like, comment and share and make sure you remind me if I don’t post that daily challenge blog post.

Just to show that through all the winter rain today there is actually a Silver lining …

Today’s sunlit memories oracle card was …

how about that …

Silver linings

035 silver lining

Card Description :

You need to be bringing your focus to the positive in every situation there is a silver lining in all that we do or that happens even the very bad traumas in our life bring us strength and growth to shine through the clouds of yesterday and bring the silver lining to all those around us.

I laughed when I saw this card the sun hasn’t been in sight for the last two days because of rain and cloud and I really was not seeing the silver linings of anything and feeling sorry for myself because the sun had left me.

Now I see that silver lining in the form of this blog challenge and a renewed ray of sunshine filtering through to warm and energise me to find the silver lining and sunshine in every day.

What is your silver lining for the day?

Maybe Joining me on this blog challenge is it?

Click on the icon below to join up also.

30 day challenge


The Amazing Feeling Of Achieving that GOAL

The first month of the year has GONE.. it’s GONE …

Where it went so fast I am not sure seems like only yesterday it was Christmas.

This first month has flown past but in other ways it has been the most action packed and biggest growth and learning month of all the years behind me put together.

Every year I have started it off by making those same New years goals of generic things like get fit … make more money .. get organized etc.

This year although I did this I decided to not trust myself to do it right and went in search of some help.

I found my way to Leonie Dawson and her wonderful website .. she felt right to me because of her down to earth approach and the fact that she is an artist, mother and was making it work for her in her own way not boxed into any straight forward role.


I purchased her membership seeing the amazing value in all that she offers with that membership and started my year off with the 2013 incredible year life and business workbooks and calendars.

2013 Incredible Year Workbooks & Calendars

Now I am not so oraganised and together that I have filled in every page of these workbooks and I still have a lot of growing and soul searching to go but I have to say that these work books certainly got me thinking about myself and my life, business in different ways.

In the workbook calendars for business it asks you to put down what you want to make this month .. now I have always struggled with this a self worth problem that I have on not wanting to ask for anything.

I tentatively put down $400 which to some is not much for a business to be making in a whole month but to me it was like putting down a million dollars from not earning barely anything in the previous months this is a big amount.

250113 month goal

So I took a deep breath and with my new lease on motivation I started to actually work in my business engage everybody more on my Rainbow Farm Photography Facebook Page .. write a blog post or ten .. and once the activity started I was on the move and looking for more .. I still have ideas coming out my ears and have trouble pinning myself done to the one thing at a time but I am getting there and will get there that is the main thing.

Also this month I took the time out to go to Anita Revel’s Sacred Savy Goddess Workshops which I have a blog post on the to do list to write all about my wonderful revelations and joy at doing these work shops .. for now I will say that they are amazing and everyone should try get along to one .. the link to the latest ones is below.


The main thing I would like to say about this month before I go off on too much of a tangent and get lost

I wrote down my goals … I never thought I could do it …


$400 in sales is mine even up to the last day I needed $150 on the last day and when I woke yesterday morning I thought there was no way .. but instead of going into a depression about my once again failure to make it to the finish line I smiled and kept repeating to myself all day … I WILL make $150 in sales today .. I WILL Make my Monthly total of $400 in Sales.

With only hours left it was after dinner last night I finally got several beautiful souls ordering wonderful healing products and some of them not even the specials I had put up.

It goes to show that a little faith and a lot of motivation and positivitiy can go along way.

This month will be even bigger and better and I have made a scary,

terrifying goal of $1500 in sales this month.

feb goals $1500


With all the products and ideas to get out this month to Bring the healing power of Nature into your world … there is no way I can fail.

What are you Goals for this month? What goals did you make for this year?

I know one of the best things that helped me this month was writing them down and having them visually in front of me.

The New Years Goals Package is wonderful for doing exactly this having a visual beautiful designed healing and motivating trio of images to remind you daily of your goals.

Bring your Dreams and Goals to life and achieve them by buying the New Years Goals Package  now it’s never to late to start.

Would love to hear how your plans for 2013 are going … tell me what they are put them in writing in a comment for all to see making it more real and accountable.

This year is OUR year lets make it the best year yet.



me pic

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25th of January 2013 ~ Mists of Change ~ Today’s Sunlit Oracle Card and Quote of the Day

Today’s Sunlit Oracle Card is ….


Mists of Change


033 logo on


The Description of this card is …

your sunlit memory today is asking you to consider the MIST OF CHANGE each day the sun rises and sets but each day is unique with time comes change it is up to you if it is to be a big change or small you will never know the beauty of your life if you don’t get out there and live it from every different angle and along other avenues you can’t get beautiful dappled light in your life unless you surrender to a new change of view. Time to find something new in your life and pursue it.

My Insights into this card are ….

It is always a little frightening to step up and make a change to stop doing all that self sabotaging that we always seem to do … with a new year it’s time to find a way to step out of the mist and make a change it is on the way and you will be successful and making a change no matter how small it is always a step in the right direction to shine the light on a beautiful new life to come.


If you would like to seek a change for the better check out a way that together I can help you keep your focus and power through the coming here with healing energy and focused goals ..


If you would like to look over the rest of the sunlit oracle card set I have them uploaded HERE feel free to like and comment on your favourites.

Another solution is to have your very own piece of paradise in your own home and workplace if relaxing is something you need to work on BUY a copy of this image in a format that sings to you even if it’s just a greeting card you can carry around with you to remind you.






Today’s Quote of the Day reflects the Oracle Card meaning ..


FBQS 250113 change


Don’t forget to see more wonderful healing power of nature you should join the

Rainbow Farm Photography Facebook Page

and connect with myself and others that share the joy of nature.




me pic

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Spring and the Month of September


Spring has come to Rainbow Farm the whole place is covered in yellow flowers.  The Bees are buzzing (ask my son who got stung the other day).  Also the sun is getting up earlier having to reset my alarm just about every week at the moment today I was running for the sun again and it was just after 6am I love the beautiful weather but the early morning starts can be hard .

The birds are so much more active and it is great to see the white tailed black cockatoos have headed back to the farm they sit amongst the flowers and have a feast every day until I go and annoy them trying to get beautiful images of them in flight.


Spring makes me feel free as a bird

As it is Spring and not yet Summer there were still a few rainy days this month and where there is rain sometimes we are lucky enough to get a rainbow or two .. and if your on or around Rainbow farm the chances seem to be doubled… so fitting that a double rainbow appeared on my walk one morning.

Another special memory I have of my morning walks now taken AFTER the sun has risen and I have taken images … I walk with my beautiful dog Ellie she loves to get out and spend this time with me.


The Beautiful Miss Ellie


While we are walking the sun slowly moves up into the sky the birds are chirping the odd rabbit scurries across the road in front .. and we are especially blessed by seeing most mornings a cheeky little Scarlet Robin he loves to fly down onto the road just out of reach of Miss Ellie’s nose and will sit in the nearest tree to stop and talk with me then follow along from tree to tree till his boundary is met.

A Facebook page that I am a part of “ShamanicDreamtime” has been putting up the power animal meanings of all these beautiful creatures and one day it was about the Robin was very interesting to read .. here is what it said …

The robin is a bird of Spring, a time of new growth and new beginnings.
It flies into our lives on the winds of change asking us to weed our personal gardens and plant new seeds for our future.
Rebirth and renewal require changes in all areas of life that have become stagnant and outdated.
The robin redbreast teaches us to how to make these changes with joy in our hearts.
Its song is a happy one reminding us to let go of our personal drama and learn to laugh with life.
If this medicine is underdeveloped those with this power animal are continually challenged by the prospects of change.
Difficulties arise and emotional discord can surface.
Learning how to release our attachments to the old is one of the life lessons the redbreast helps us master.
The robin redbreast is a bird of divine service.
Those with this power animal often have past life ties to the Christ energy.
They make excellent priests and missionaries.
I like to think that there is a change coming not only in the weather and the landscape but in myself and my business it has taken a lot of time to get here and with each baby step I reach to achieve my goal of bringing the healing power of nature into your world and also put food on the table for myself and my two children (and Miss Ellie).
The month has been one of growth and healing beauty and I look forward to this new month for more growth make sure you head over to Rainbow Farm Photography facebook page to keep up with all the daily activity on Rainbow Farm and below is a video of the best sunrise shots of the month enjoy the break into sunshine.

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Following My Passion to live my dream of bringing the healing power of nature into your world

I look out my office window to the beautiful blue sky … white fluffy clouds dot the sky and the sun is shining brightly .. it is a beautiful spring day the flowers are starting to bloom and life is good..

I love living on the Farm here in Busselton, Western australia .. the fresh air and quiet (besides my 4yr old shooting to oblivion some thing on the wii) really refreshes the soul and reminds me why I am here and what I have to do to follow my passion.  I don’t want to regret my life in years to come for not giving it my all .. I want to be able to provide for my family and share the wonder of nature with the world in the process … but…

I do need some help … I need YOUR help …

I have entered a competition held by Natalie Sisson of Womanzworld and Natalie MacNeil of She takes on the world who have come together to form WE Mastermind to help business women like myself get out there into the world and make money in the passion that they love … The competition prize is a combination of packages all to help further business and valued at $5000.oo USD.  All that I had to do was enter a submission and get all my wonderful friends, family and people passionate about nature to vote for my submission every day until the 14th of September 2011.  The entry with the most votes will win.

Here is the video that I did up for the submission …

I would love if you could share this blog post and/or my submission entry .. which you can go to Facebook and vote for me


you will have to be a facebook member and allow the application to be able to vote.

For being such wonderful and supportive nature lovers I will be giving a little reward once my votes get to 200

I will be uploading to my Facebook page a high resolution copy of the below photo which you will be able to download and use as a wallpaper on your computer even get a small print done of it

When the competition votes get over 200 I will upload this image for a week only and then take it down so keep an eye out and vote every day at the above link so you will know when to go and download your special gift as a thank you for your troubles.

27th of August 2011 Sunrise

If I am lucky enough to get to 300 or 400 votes we can choose another image to do the same thing with for a week only.

thank you for all your support and for following my journey of self discovery and giving me the courage to follow my passion

bringing the healing power of nature into your world through natural unedited nature photography



A Storm is a Coming

Who knew when I was awoken early by a little boy dreaming loudly that I was in for such a treat … The sky was filled with beautiful clouds all in patterns reaching across the sky.  It was beautiful in the grey of the morning but the best was yet to come….

The glow of the coming sunrise brought a beautiful array of pink to the clouds above highlighting the front view of Rainbow Farm house this view is taken from the verandah looking across the paddocks through the windmill and watertank.


This tree usually only gets a look in later on in the year when the sun has moved back across to the left but the colour and clouds was right across the whole sky 360 degrees .. so nice to see it again in such glorious colour.


I thought that the sunrise could not get any better after all that amazing pink then up it came and shone it’s golden glow over those spectacular clouds and I was in awe.

Took so many images had a terrible time choosing which to keep.

It really made me feel so content and up on high .. had a fleeting thought I should of videoed this morning but I  would of missed all the images that stay forever and image them on your wall to wake up to everyday … for a full look at ALL the images head over to the January sunrise album on Rainbow Farm Photography’s Facebook Page … click HERE

About two hours after the sunrise the rain began … and it rained … and rained … and rained

I took myself and the rainbow farm kids out into it for a very special reason the only reason to go out in that weather ….

it was time to pay for my trip with my husband to Thailand and all its visual wonders. So Look out March the 3rd can’t wait.

It was so easy to get out there and pay for it although the rain soaked trip back to the car after having to park miles away because ever tourist (terrorist) was in town because of the rain .. my beautiful angel did a graceful dive to the ground pink faires umbrella in hand took skin off hand, elbow and knee and I got totally drenched having to calm her down and get her into the car.

She is fine this morning after being plastered from head to toe in band aids

The rain did not stop till late into the night was so nice to hear the rain running into the water tank … won’t have to buy water for a bit longer now.

So with the rain there was no sunset and no going out photographing anything.

A day off after such a beautiful sunrise was good and the land needed the drink everything looks so much healthier this morning.

The rain might be a hinderance but we must remember to think of all the wonders of nature it feeds and enjoy.

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The Day that should of Been

Still days behind now on my blogging .. got to remember to JUST DO IT  instead of waiting for the sun and the planets to aline on the right timing of it all… also battling the rainbow farm kids at the moment with school holidays in full swing and my son just turning 4 he thinks he is just it and gone totally silly.

Anyway … on Tuesday the 4th of January … I had it all planned out the day before after the poor effort of videoing the sunrise I was going to take the tripod down and do it properly.  So when I awoke with a start this morning at 5.05am I rushed out before I was really awake straight out of bed and down the road camera in hand and not anything else … got down to the end of the drive and remembered my plans to capture the sunrise on video … so I sat there for a minute contemplating RUNNING back to the house for the tripod………

hmmm … should I ? …. then the early morning breeze and no hint of colour yet sealed it … I needed to visit the ladies room as well now … so rush back I did… visited the bathroom .. grabbed the tripod and raced back down …. where was the sun?   geezzzz…. could of slept in another 10 minutes just shows that it doesn’t take long to get to the gate in the morning and the sun is rising later finally be thankful for not so early rising thats for sure.

Tripod set up and waiting … I wonder how people use these things I found it most uncomfortable and after pressing record I got caught up in the legs and shook the camera bit nearly swore but held my breath .


I decided not to talk in this and had a play with the basic you tube titling … the wind was up slightly but if you sit and listen carefully you can hear the birds calling….

There is a pair of Willy wag tails that flit around chasing each other every morning…..




Then there is always Blue Wrens and their female mates in the bushes ….



then as the crow flies … through you hear them call loudly



I was lucky this morning that the red tailed cockatoos had flown through and can be heard in the back ground too dark to photograph but the video picks up there calls and they weren’t on the property yesterday morning so that was a bonus.



Oh and there went a fantail chasing after the fun of the willy wag tails…



Now I know there were some 28 parrots somewhere over the back of the neighbours farm fighting with each other  calling  “28,28,28”



And last but not least and i am sure there were lots of other birds that I didn’t recognise or have images of floating around … the Magpie …



It is always so peaceful to sit and listen to the dawn chorus of birds and you can let your mind drift away while watching the sunrise and think what bird is that ?  the freshness of a clear mind and a great start to the day … this ofcourse can be done at sunset if you are not such a early bird like me  the sunset is just as magical not sure the birds are as chirpy though.



Then you come home to find you can’t get into your garage to park the car … because….



Truck had valet parked out the back of the farmhouse .. thank fully potato harvesting is finished for a while now so no more valet parking the next thing parked should be the ute.


It was a beautiful day from start to finish with lots to see and hear … take time to stop … look… hear … all the nature around you even in the concrete jungle


I had this post all worked out … then…

Well my mission to blog everyday is already after two days indanger of… I had this post all worked out as I sat yesterday morning waiting patiently for the sun to rise.

I had been watching the clear sky starting to get a tinge of colour and listening to the different birds calling to each other… I started counting the different birds and thought I wonder if the birds would pick up in a video if I took video of the sunrise.

I took the risk and took a three minute video of the sunrise thus missing the rising sun photos.  When I got it back and up loaded decided that it was too shaky (what can you expect at 5am in the morning but a shaky hand so it put paid to my wonderful blog post on the sunrise video and a detailed look at the birds that were calling sweetly in the morning air.

Now I have procrastinated over this blog for days wondering what to put into it and how to make it wonderful and exciting instead of just posting it and moving on to the post I wanted to do.

The only other thing I wanted to put into this post was a snap shot of life on Rainbow farm with the joys of potato harvesting going on in the last few weeks it has been interesting to see what gets parked at the farm house and tonight it was valet parking for one Red tractor.  You know you are a farmers wife when the husband comes home in a tractor…lol



In conclusion I vow to try and    1.  blog everyday (or at least think about it : P)   2.  not procrastinate on everything … JUST DO IT   3..  Make 2011 an awesome visual journey

How about we all vow to do these three things : )