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“The first thing you notice about a person is their shoes”

A strange title for a blog post I know you are thinking that.

It came to me while I was watching the GREAT Movie


Kinky Boots



You know what?

It’s funny but I don’t notice shoes… ever.

Is that weird?

When it was said in the movie I thought on this and was worried that I don’t notice shoes .. was I being rude or not paying enough attention?

Then I went further and went into my lack of noticing the ceiling the only time I notice the ceiling is when company is coming and then I look up.

I started to think that I really was not paying attention to my life if I never looked up or down what was I doing?

I notice out in front.




I do see where my feet are going … I see to the sides and out in front.
Being a country girl it is wise to always be looking out in front searching for the perils of nature such as snakes, ants and spiders or even sticks and rabbit holes.


the famous blue tongue


So where do you look? Have you ever stopped and thought about it?

Maybe it says something about us where we look in everyday life. I don’t aim too high just a few steps in front , cautious in every one but never standing still looking at where I am or looking behind at where I have been.

This may be a good thing … I don’t think it’s a bad thing …. Not going backwards is good not standing still also good but only seeing a step or two in front??

Need to look a bit further in front and high into the sky a bit more.




Another quote from the movie was …

“Maybe you shouldn’t judge it in brick Charlie, Maybe it’s what you inspire in others”

This was telling Charlie that he shouldn’t think of how much material things he was leaving as a legacy but of the inspiration he was leaving on all his staff in his business.

I liked this because it is true we are all searching for these $$$ amounts to make us happy when leaving a lasting legacy in our peers and our children is a much better thing to be remembered for.



If you haven’t seen this movie it is a great inspirational movie with a good dash of comedy it is not completely on the mark compared to the actual true story but I think if it makes you laugh and gives you a great message then it is a worthy movie to watch.

Do you know any other GREAT movies that are inspiring and are entertaining as well??

Would love to find them out comment below and I will do a blog post later on with the list of everyone’s great movies as well as my list of favorites.

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Be Bright Be You a Birthday Surprise

Miss Jennifer’s 8th Birthday was on the 21st of February she was so excited as all 8 year olds are to have their birthday.

I had a very special birthday present for her I ordered a t’shirt with her beautiful design on it just for her.




She loved it.


She also loved her special birthday card and bag with a fashion design template book as well.


jennifers present


I also got the idea to continue the “Be Bright Be You” theme on and made her whole birthday party with this theme.

Her invitations were sent out with her design sitting on top I hired a local hall and she invited all her girlfriends for a craft morning.

It was a great day and everyone had an amazing time doing all the craft activities each child got to ….


make a necklace….

making necklace


Make a Crown ….


making crown


Decorate a little bag…


made bags



As well as decorate a color in drawing of the “ Be Bright Be You” design


collage pic Jennifer doing collage


If you click on the color in sheet you can download this to use at home for personal use.


colour in be bright be you


I also was so happy with how it all went and how Jennifer is growing up that I decided to start a facebook page in honor of her design and to help celebrate all young girls over the world to “Be Bright Be You” would love you to join and share amongst your friends it is a work in progress

Be Bright Be You Facebook Page

It was a great time and Jennifer enjoyed it so much loved watching her light up and grow and will continue to support her passions for drawing and design she has even sold two adult size t’shirts of her design.

Make sure you all encourage your children to be the best they can be and to ..

“Be Bright Be You”


Each day breathes in more rays of sunshine and love the directions they take us

It is so amazing this gift of each new day we have …

Today started much like any other day I headed out to take my walk with the beautiful Miss Ellie my wonderful dog.

There were clouds about but nothing showing where the sun rose beautifully and gave the whole landscape a golden glow.


SRS24290 190213 sunrise


When back at the Rainbow Farmhouse it was time to sit quietly for a moment with my practice deck of the sunlit oracle and ask what everyone needed to know today.

I relish asking this question each day and it is inspiring and just a little exciting to see what will come up for the day.

Today was ….




051 logoon



Description of the card is ….

your sunlit memory today is bringing you A MOTHER’S LOVE there is nothing more natural than a mother’s love no matter how old or young you are your mother will always be there even if it is in spirit .. with a guiding hand to hold and arms to keep you safe all the mothers of the world along with the big mother nature are looking after you. Feel loved and safe and give that to others pass forward to your own children giving them love and safety .


I instantly was drawn to this card and realised that it was going to be a day that this message was shown to me constantly.

Starting with the waking of the rainbow farm children and the love of watching them go through their morning routines.

It’s amazing how much love we give our children going through our day doing routine things that really show that like making lunches for them and organising activities for them.

My Daughter Jennifer turns the big 8 this week and I must admit I was impressed with her school for thinking up such and amazing idea …

They allow any child having a birthday to donate a book to the library and for doing that she will get called out at assembly and have happy birthday sung to her and the book will have a dedication to her thanking her for donating it.


birthday book school


Now as I asked Miss J what book she would like and she asked for one by the author and in the series she loves …


It came to me that this wonderful idea of book donation is a wasted opportunity for myself …

Why isn’t Miss J asking for one of Mummy’s beautiful photography books to be donated to the school??




Because Mummy has not completed her beautiful photography books yet .

so as my mother’s love was building it has changed my direction yet again …


I have …






My son Robert’s birthday is in December and I now put it out to the universe …




Robert is in Grade One this year and I watch him reading his books each night …

“A Mouse is Quiet”  “A Spider is Quiet” “A Rabbit is Quiet”

I am sure I can come up with a short story series to rival these exciting repetition books they teach our children to read.

It will be done.

Idea’s are flowing.

Love my Kids and LOVE the way they are making me a better person and I am growing with them.

So what do you think??  I would love to read your thoughts on this and if you have any suggestions on what subject to do.






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Introducing the Talented … Miss Jennifer

The school holidays have just finished here in Western Australia the rainbow farm kids are back in school.

The holidays were long and the kids got up to so much fun .. on one of the trips to the local dvd rental store my daughter Jennifer chose a Barbie Fashion designer movie and after watching it several times she decided that she was going to be a designer.

Jennifer will be turning 8 years old at the end of this month and she loves to be creative just like her mum … she at one stage wanted to be a photographer like her mum but now she is wanting to earn money like her mum (now I have a bit of a reputation to live up to )



Jennifer Starting Grade Three this week


Jennifer sat for several days into weeks drawing designs of new dresses and what I loved was that each design was on a different model all different colored hair and styles.





I was impressed at how they turned out and showed a few friends who suggested I put the designs on a t’shirt .. I have managed to get a couple of the designs up as t’shirts and I think will work on putting them onto the cards and prints as well.





I have told Miss Jennifer that I am very proud of her and that mummy will sell her artwork for her but she won’t get all the money to spend I will give her a portion to spend out of each sale and then the rest will go into a savings account she has set up for her future … If she manages to sell a reasonable amount we will send some of the proceeds to charity as well.

While her motivation is up and running I will be encouraging her to develop her creative side and business savvy never to early to learn I don’t think about time these kids learned that money isn’t grown on trees but with some hard work you can grow your own successful future.

Jennifer’s Designs will be promoted through my Redbubble Portfolio I will update them as she gives me new designs the first two that are above are available as T’shirts and will shortly be available in other formats such as greeting cards.

To find out sizing and pricing head over to HERE and take a look also stay awhile get a taste of nature as well with all the Rainbow farm photography designs .. this shop needs a bit of updating and revamping but you will get a sense of what there is to offer and if you follow the Rainbow Farm Photography Facebook Page and there is an image on there that you would like to see in the shop just let me know and I can add it.

Would love to get lots of likes and comments and shares for Jennifer she loves to read them and will get her to reply as soon as she is around to do so.

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23rd of January 2013 ~ Believe in YOU ~ Today’s Sunlit Oracle Card and Quote of the Day

Today’s Sunlit Oracle Card is ….




044 logoon

The Description of this card is …

your sunlit memory today is bringing you Believe In YOU embrace all that is you and love yourself the first step to happiness is loving yourself and believing you are beautiful and amazing just the way you are. Go out into that open space and just twirl around like a kid for awhile feel the freedom of you. When you believe in yourself and don’t doubt your intuition you will go further than you ever thought possible.

My Insights into this card are ….

You truly got to completely believe in yourself it can’t be a half hearted thing … if you put out conflicting messages where you only have moments of belief the moments of doubt will win out and the universe will not know you are serious in living your dreams and you will stall.  You really are amazing and talented if you have problems in believing it each day make a list of the things you do well and your hopes and dreams … write it out EVERY day even though you wrote it the day before … don’t go back and cheat to find out what you thought you did well the day before just write until you are done at the end of the week re read it see what was there everyday and what was not maybe you need to concentrate more on those things that only got in there a few times it’s not that you aren’t amazing at those things but you doubt your own ability get friends and family to tell you what they love about you and write that down too … write affirmations to believe in yourself .. you can do this .. as the quote below says don’t give up … you can’t truly be successful unless you live it heart and mind.


If you would like to look over the rest of the sunlit oracle card set I have them uploaded HERE feel free to like and comment on your favourites.

Another solution is to have your very own piece of paradise in your own home and workplace if relaxing is something you need to work on BUY a copy of this image in a format that sings to you even if it’s just a greeting card you can carry around with you to remind you.






Today’s Quote of the Day reflects the Oracle Card meaning ..



FBQS 230113 believe in you

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The Perfect Way to Collect Nature

Time is starting to fly away from us .. the days are getting warmer here in Western Australia .. spring is well and truly in full swing the last few days have been absolutely beautiful.

The time of year starts us thinking about that dreaded word Christmas and for those that have family overseas you will already be well on your way to getting those special gifts in the mail.

Every year here at Rainbow Farm Photography it is a busy time doing up unique and special gifts for all the family and also to my extended customer based family.

The most popular gift at this time of year is the Calendar .. it is a beautiful item made by Redbubble with an endless choice of images by Rainbow Farm Photography.

The Calendar that gets sent in this family is one with a combination of nature.. the rainbow farm kids and a few furry or feathered images thrown in so through out the year all the relatives can get their fix of the children but not be over powered with every month a child image they get to feast on the beauty of nature and it also gives a few or all those images to be framed after the calendar is finished.

Click on the Image to be taken to the full version of this Family Calendar

You can choose the images you want to display in each month and even start the calendar any time you like if adding your own family images they will need to be in large jpg size and good quality shots I would do up a draft version for you to look at before you order.

Another option is to choose your own selection of images from the albums over at Rainbow Farm Photography Facebook Page or you can choose one of the already made up calendars such as ..

the Seascapes Calendar

Click on the Image to see the full WA Seascape Calendar

Or inspiration for every month with the Inspire Calendar

Click on the image to see the Full Inspirations Calendar

Another unique gift idea for the family is to have a calendar specially designed with all your important birth dates on there and a special name description along with each name so you won’t forget those dates and neither will the family .

Click on the Image to see a Sample of a Name Description Calendar

The great thing is that after the month is through you can use the image to frame they are a great size and printed on photo quality paper.  A great way to start collecting art for your walls choose your favourite images and get a calendar made to use or just frame the images from it at a fraction of the price of getting individual prints , posters or canvas done.

If you would like to get a calendar designed for you please contact me through my email  and we can build a special gift for yourself or that special person.

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Spring and the Month of September


Spring has come to Rainbow Farm the whole place is covered in yellow flowers.  The Bees are buzzing (ask my son who got stung the other day).  Also the sun is getting up earlier having to reset my alarm just about every week at the moment today I was running for the sun again and it was just after 6am I love the beautiful weather but the early morning starts can be hard .

The birds are so much more active and it is great to see the white tailed black cockatoos have headed back to the farm they sit amongst the flowers and have a feast every day until I go and annoy them trying to get beautiful images of them in flight.


Spring makes me feel free as a bird

As it is Spring and not yet Summer there were still a few rainy days this month and where there is rain sometimes we are lucky enough to get a rainbow or two .. and if your on or around Rainbow farm the chances seem to be doubled… so fitting that a double rainbow appeared on my walk one morning.

Another special memory I have of my morning walks now taken AFTER the sun has risen and I have taken images … I walk with my beautiful dog Ellie she loves to get out and spend this time with me.


The Beautiful Miss Ellie


While we are walking the sun slowly moves up into the sky the birds are chirping the odd rabbit scurries across the road in front .. and we are especially blessed by seeing most mornings a cheeky little Scarlet Robin he loves to fly down onto the road just out of reach of Miss Ellie’s nose and will sit in the nearest tree to stop and talk with me then follow along from tree to tree till his boundary is met.

A Facebook page that I am a part of “ShamanicDreamtime” has been putting up the power animal meanings of all these beautiful creatures and one day it was about the Robin was very interesting to read .. here is what it said …

The robin is a bird of Spring, a time of new growth and new beginnings.
It flies into our lives on the winds of change asking us to weed our personal gardens and plant new seeds for our future.
Rebirth and renewal require changes in all areas of life that have become stagnant and outdated.
The robin redbreast teaches us to how to make these changes with joy in our hearts.
Its song is a happy one reminding us to let go of our personal drama and learn to laugh with life.
If this medicine is underdeveloped those with this power animal are continually challenged by the prospects of change.
Difficulties arise and emotional discord can surface.
Learning how to release our attachments to the old is one of the life lessons the redbreast helps us master.
The robin redbreast is a bird of divine service.
Those with this power animal often have past life ties to the Christ energy.
They make excellent priests and missionaries.
I like to think that there is a change coming not only in the weather and the landscape but in myself and my business it has taken a lot of time to get here and with each baby step I reach to achieve my goal of bringing the healing power of nature into your world and also put food on the table for myself and my two children (and Miss Ellie).
The month has been one of growth and healing beauty and I look forward to this new month for more growth make sure you head over to Rainbow Farm Photography facebook page to keep up with all the daily activity on Rainbow Farm and below is a video of the best sunrise shots of the month enjoy the break into sunshine.

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Following My Passion to live my dream of bringing the healing power of nature into your world

I look out my office window to the beautiful blue sky … white fluffy clouds dot the sky and the sun is shining brightly .. it is a beautiful spring day the flowers are starting to bloom and life is good..

I love living on the Farm here in Busselton, Western australia .. the fresh air and quiet (besides my 4yr old shooting to oblivion some thing on the wii) really refreshes the soul and reminds me why I am here and what I have to do to follow my passion.  I don’t want to regret my life in years to come for not giving it my all .. I want to be able to provide for my family and share the wonder of nature with the world in the process … but…

I do need some help … I need YOUR help …

I have entered a competition held by Natalie Sisson of Womanzworld and Natalie MacNeil of She takes on the world who have come together to form WE Mastermind to help business women like myself get out there into the world and make money in the passion that they love … The competition prize is a combination of packages all to help further business and valued at $5000.oo USD.  All that I had to do was enter a submission and get all my wonderful friends, family and people passionate about nature to vote for my submission every day until the 14th of September 2011.  The entry with the most votes will win.

Here is the video that I did up for the submission …

I would love if you could share this blog post and/or my submission entry .. which you can go to Facebook and vote for me


you will have to be a facebook member and allow the application to be able to vote.

For being such wonderful and supportive nature lovers I will be giving a little reward once my votes get to 200

I will be uploading to my Facebook page a high resolution copy of the below photo which you will be able to download and use as a wallpaper on your computer even get a small print done of it

When the competition votes get over 200 I will upload this image for a week only and then take it down so keep an eye out and vote every day at the above link so you will know when to go and download your special gift as a thank you for your troubles.

27th of August 2011 Sunrise

If I am lucky enough to get to 300 or 400 votes we can choose another image to do the same thing with for a week only.

thank you for all your support and for following my journey of self discovery and giving me the courage to follow my passion

bringing the healing power of nature into your world through natural unedited nature photography


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Using the Sun to take Great Photos

In Recent years the sun has been the main focus of my photography everything revolves around the sun ..

It is true in everyday photo taking that the sun plays a big role in taking a good photo .. How much do you consider the sun when  you go out to take that happy snap??

If you take your shot with the sun shining straight into your camera the person in the image or the main focus point is going to be blocked out by the suns rays. This can also be used to your advantage if you like the outlined shots and can then play around with holding the sun.

Using the sun as a focal point

To get a good photo of any subject the best way is to get the sun over your shoulder (unless you are taking a photo of the sun) with the sun shining on the object in question usually in the morning or afternoon not in the middle of the day when the sun is at it’s brightest and above us.

Horse in Close Up with Sun shining on the face

If your subject is unmovable and you still want to take a photo of it with the sun behind it try moving yourself to the left or right of the object to see if you can get the sun to shine in from the side instead of directly behind.  Sometimes if it is a landscape you just have to take notice of the time of day and try at a different time patience and another visit can make it all the more enjoyable image.

Moving so the Sun is shining in from the side

When taking a image of the sunrise or sunset it needs to be when the sun is low in the sky so that it is not too bright and just floods the sky so you can’t see the sun at all even then sometimes you will get solar flares in the image they can be interesting to see and add to the photo.  Also try to line up the horizon so it is straight and have one third of either the sky or ground in the photo so it isn’t confusing to the eye what the main subject is .. I like to use one third of the sky in beach scenes as you can fill up the bottom with sand and waves usually use mostly sky in the landscape sunrise/ sunsets.

20th september 2010

16th of September 2010 Sunrise

Now I have no claim to knowledge of taking day shots of the sun directly … pretty much if I see a pretty cloud formation with the sun poking through I just get in there and have a go if it’s too bright for you eyes use the view screen on the back of your camera.  Better to try and get a good photo than not try and miss out.

Sun through the clouds

Whatever you do just get out in the sunshine and take those photos it is all down to practice and being aware of your surroundings sometimes you wont have a chance to stop and work it all out so just snap away and hope for the best but those times you can just take a minute to look around and find the best spot to take that amazing photo.


A Storm is a Coming

Who knew when I was awoken early by a little boy dreaming loudly that I was in for such a treat … The sky was filled with beautiful clouds all in patterns reaching across the sky.  It was beautiful in the grey of the morning but the best was yet to come….

The glow of the coming sunrise brought a beautiful array of pink to the clouds above highlighting the front view of Rainbow Farm house this view is taken from the verandah looking across the paddocks through the windmill and watertank.


This tree usually only gets a look in later on in the year when the sun has moved back across to the left but the colour and clouds was right across the whole sky 360 degrees .. so nice to see it again in such glorious colour.


I thought that the sunrise could not get any better after all that amazing pink then up it came and shone it’s golden glow over those spectacular clouds and I was in awe.

Took so many images had a terrible time choosing which to keep.

It really made me feel so content and up on high .. had a fleeting thought I should of videoed this morning but I  would of missed all the images that stay forever and image them on your wall to wake up to everyday … for a full look at ALL the images head over to the January sunrise album on Rainbow Farm Photography’s Facebook Page … click HERE

About two hours after the sunrise the rain began … and it rained … and rained … and rained

I took myself and the rainbow farm kids out into it for a very special reason the only reason to go out in that weather ….

it was time to pay for my trip with my husband to Thailand and all its visual wonders. So Look out March the 3rd can’t wait.

It was so easy to get out there and pay for it although the rain soaked trip back to the car after having to park miles away because ever tourist (terrorist) was in town because of the rain .. my beautiful angel did a graceful dive to the ground pink faires umbrella in hand took skin off hand, elbow and knee and I got totally drenched having to calm her down and get her into the car.

She is fine this morning after being plastered from head to toe in band aids

The rain did not stop till late into the night was so nice to hear the rain running into the water tank … won’t have to buy water for a bit longer now.

So with the rain there was no sunset and no going out photographing anything.

A day off after such a beautiful sunrise was good and the land needed the drink everything looks so much healthier this morning.

The rain might be a hinderance but we must remember to think of all the wonders of nature it feeds and enjoy.