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Giving your heart always even after a loss

I can’t believe it has only been just over a week since the loss of Miss Ellie

PP 070912 ellie1

Click on Miss Ellie to see the blog post tribute to her

I felt her loss deeply and I was seeing her everywhere it was painful and although I felt guilt in it I decided to get another dog but I really wasn’t up for the puppy stage.

I thought it would be a great way to honour Ellie as well as a good way to not find another dog just like her was to get a rescue dog one that was not wanted and may end up being put to sleep.

I began the search and my heart broke even more with the abundance of dogs and cats just in my area that were abandoned and needed homes.

Those beautiful eyes all screamed out take me home and love me.

I picked out a few that sensibly would be more of a fit to my family and to what I liked in a dog and let fate play it’s hand I called for one dog and didn’t get an answer so moved onto the next one a beautiful sad soul named BILL.

PP Bill 001

He was in the Donnybrook Dog Rescue with a lot of other dogs but he spoke to me and on the Monday public holiday I bundled the kids up and we went for a drive.

Bill was beautiful but his story was not he had been badly abused he came in on boxing day riddled with fleas, his collar had been a string of barbed wire and apparently his previous owners had used him as a play toy to throw darts at. I felt for Bill but I did wonder if he would be a good fit for our family with two energized loud children to contend with he may be too timid to cope.
I then was sensible and had a look at a couple of the other dogs but none of them had the soul of Bill he was the one the choice had already been made I just didn’t know it.

It has taken him a while to settle in but he is slowly coming out of his shell and fitting in well with the family he is such a joy to own he hardly barks he always wants to be with you so he can walk with me off lead and not go to far.

Bill who we have now named Billy will never replace Ellie she will always be in my heart along with the other beautiful dogs that have been in my life but I am glad that through her loss I was able to give Billy some hope of a better life.

It was appropriate today as I wanted to write this post that I pulled out the Loss card for the Sunlit Oracle Card of the day.


It is hard to lose a loved one and we must grieve and continue to grieve but also not shut ourselves off to new loves because there may be someone out there that needs your love right now.



It’s BIG … it’s HUGE … It’s AMAZING … and … it’s HERE

I had an idea …

It’s been in my idea book for a couple of years but I didn’t have the courage or way to make it happen…

Now I do …

I have teamed up with a wonderful local business to bring more wonderful healing inspiring nature into your world.


I have the pleasure to announce that …


Rainbow Farm Photography along with Jigsaw Print of Busselton.


Will be offering the wonderful Images of Rainbow Farm Photography


In the Beautiful format of …


Door and Wall Murals.


A beautiful Sticker made to size for your project it is wipeable and totally removable and you can take it with you if you ever move house (just keep the backing paper)


I have set up in the

Rainbow Farm Photography Facebook Page   



A range of already designed Door Murals

These will be available straight away sized at 2000 mm by 800 mm in both the portrait door and the landscape door size that will go on your walls.


Door mural mockup

Example of What the Door Mural should look like has been put into the photo with photoshop.




$179.00 AUD 

plus $18 postage


The ready made Door Mural sizing can be used as a landscape view to put on your wall in great spots like above your bed or on your kitchen wall between bench and cupboards (recommend a glass cover)


DM bedroom mock up

Bedroom design of wall mural this has been photoshopped in for a guideline of what it would look like.



At this stage the Door Murals are the only pre selected option you have I will be adding to this range as well as adding selected Wall murals and Mini Wall Murals in the coming weeks

If you have a unusual sized door or would like a bigger or Smaller Wall Design you can email through to for details and a quote.



Some of the range of Door Murals click on the picture to go to the SHOP to see more

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Amazing March SPECIAL ~ 16x20inch Canvas BUY NOW at $97AUD plus postage

For the Whole Month of


Rainbow Farm Photography

is running an amazing


16 inch x 20 inch Canvas Print

Canvas silver lining clouds



$97.00 AUD

Postage worldwide $9.95

Any Design Choice from

a beautiful sunrise to a rainbow to a customised word cloud or baby sunrise.


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If at first you don’t succeed .. try, try again

I think I have been putting off this post because I didn’t want to admit I had failed.

I did not make my $1500 in Sales last month.

I failed ….

Or did I ???

Do we ever really fail??

I may not of reached that goal but I am not sorry that I made such a goal.
I tried hard to reach it in a short month with A LOT going on in my personal life. I learnt a lot about myself and I took a step towards believing in the dream that it truly can come true.

It is not a failure to try I am further ahead than I was the month before and even though it didn’t reflect this in $$$$ it has sure shown in my commitment to trying to keep the dream alive and to working towards that dream.

So this month ….

Guess what ??

I am doing it all again I am going to keep trying for this goal until I achieve it I have just moved the deadline to the end of this month and I am confident that I will reach it.


march goals


With a lot of help from friends and family and my wonderful clients and followers of my journey I will keep to this path and live my passion.

I am learning every day my Tafe Studies have started in how to manage a small business effectively which will help me with the more boring side of business.

I have the amazing Leonie Dawson and all her learning tools keeping me spiritually and business connected and learning constantly.

Most of all I have my passion .. getting out there into the healing and inspiring joy of nature seeing the sun rise every day is a joy and a great comfort to my journey.

Last month saw some beautiful sunrises a snap shot of these are in the monthly snapshot video below



For more daily sunshine and to keep up with what’s happening daily on Rainbow Farm make sure you head over to my facebook page HERE.
Thank you all for joining me on my journey you all help each day to keep me on the straight and wide of nature and I really enjoy sharing the healing power of nature with you and hope it heals and inspires you to great heights.

Remember to get out there amongst nature dream those dreams make those goals and above all keep trying to live your passion.


Sunlit Oracle Card Reading for the Month of March 2013

Taking myself out of my comfort zone and testing my sunlit oracle card deck with a monthly reading ..

oracle cards


Now it would be just too easy to just type it all up here instead I have gone beyond my comfort zone and done a video reading .

Play the video below and hope you enjoy it was my first attempt hopefully get a bit quicker and tidier for next month.

If you would like a more in depth customised reading done for yourself feel free to take a look at the

SHOP on the Rainbow Farm Photography Facebook Page

If you are unsure of where you are to start with finding your gifts a great way to start

is to find out a bit more about YOU

and how you tick make some plans and work out where you want to go the ….

Leonie Dawson 2013 Incredible Year Workbooks with Calendars

are a great way to find yourself and start a new beginning that is tuned to your desires and dreams.

Once you have your direction a great was to keep it in your mind and see that new beginning and where it is going is to BUY  the …

The New Year’s Goals Package

So that you are seeing your goals every day and being motivated by inspiring visual aides.

If you would like to look over the rest of the sunlit oracle card set I have them uploaded HERE feel free to like and comment on your favourites.

Another solution is to have your very own piece of paradise in your own home and workplace if abundance is something you need to work on BUY a copy of any of the sunlit oracle cards in a format that sings to you even if it’s just a greeting card you can carry around with you to remind you.



Don’t forget to see more wonderful healing power of nature and a daily oracle card you should join the

Rainbow Farm Photography Facebook Page

and connect with myself and others that share the joy of nature.




All before 7am on a Sunday


Wow what a rush this morning has been and I mean a rush in a energizing get up and go way.

This morning started as any other with my waking to the dawn usually at least ten minutes before my alarm clock goes off.

Since the sun is getting up a bit later these mornings I have still been getting up at the same EARLY time and enjoying the quiet of the house with the rainbow farm children still sound asleep.

I take this time to sit with my mocked up (yes I am getting to publish them soon) set of Sunlit Oracle Cards and I choose a card for the day that relates to us all not just to me but often it really resonates with myself as well.


Today’s card is …


Believe in You


FBQS 230113 believe in you


The Description of this card is …

your sunlit memory today is bringing you Believe In YOU embrace all that is you and love yourself the first step to happiness is loving yourself and believing you are beautiful and amazing just the way you are. Go out into that open space and just twirl around like a kid for awhile feel the freedom of you. When you believe in yourself and don’t doubt your intuition you will go further than you ever thought possible.


After a busy and doubting myself week this card really was a great reminder to Believe in myself and it made me smile as I headed out to the sunrise.

Miss Ellie was waiting patiently for me to go for our walk.


The Beautiful Miss Ellie

The Beautiful Miss Ellie


As I was putting on Ellie’s lead I noticed the scarlet robin had come to say good morning didn’t think too much more of it until I got down to the front gate probably 250 metres from the house and there was the Robin again waiting where I stand to take the sunrise shots. He sat there for about five minutes I asked him what he had to tell me today as it is thought that seeing a Robin means change is on the way. I was going to take a photo but he is too smart I only had to reach for the camera and he was off.


Bringing the wings of change



After getting the Believe in You card and seeing the Robin I was thinking yes I need to change the way I had been thinking during the week worrying that what I was doing wasn’t good enough that I wasn’t doing enough there will be more on this in another post which hasn’t been done because I was too busy worrying about the post being good enough and the week going well.

The sunrise was amazing .. beautiful… inspiring .. energizing .. and healing


SRS24323 240213 sunrise


I came back to upload the sunrise pics and checked my emails and ofcourse get lost in facebook for a bit.

In checking my emails I saw a wonderful list of blog posts from the wonderful goddesses that are part of my goddess circle on Leonie Dawson’s groups page.

So many beautiful and inspiring blog posts and a few of them were connecting with the card that had come out today “Believe in YOU”

The lovely Jacqueline Gates posted about Resistance and I found it very inspiring and true to know that we resist against the New You we want to be and that Belief in ourselves has something to do with that…

Here is her wonderful post read it ..


The Gorgeous Sarah from Relentlessly Positive posted about how we are afraid to go out of our comfort zone and are resistant as Jacqueline tells us to changing our lives for the better because we don’t believe in ourselves it is time we did and I know I am always doing this too and a little too much this last week.

Check out her wonderful post here and I am going to be following up with the book she is reading and do the challenge with her.


All this and before 7am on a Sunday morning.

What a great way to start the day with such inspiring and healing energy from the sun and from such wonderful caring people that reach out of their comfort zones and share their gifts.

I have been quiet with posts this week because I was doubting myself and wanting it all to go in a perfect alignment of posts couldn’t do one post before the other but I have realized that I just have to believe in my journey and it is not the end of the world if that post is in the wrong order and I don’t have to do a big apology for getting it out late or out of order … the getting it out there is the main objective and in years to come when people go back to read that post it will be the words written that resonate not the date it was written.


So write your story and BELIEVE IN YOU






Each day breathes in more rays of sunshine and love the directions they take us

It is so amazing this gift of each new day we have …

Today started much like any other day I headed out to take my walk with the beautiful Miss Ellie my wonderful dog.

There were clouds about but nothing showing where the sun rose beautifully and gave the whole landscape a golden glow.


SRS24290 190213 sunrise


When back at the Rainbow Farmhouse it was time to sit quietly for a moment with my practice deck of the sunlit oracle and ask what everyone needed to know today.

I relish asking this question each day and it is inspiring and just a little exciting to see what will come up for the day.

Today was ….




051 logoon



Description of the card is ….

your sunlit memory today is bringing you A MOTHER’S LOVE there is nothing more natural than a mother’s love no matter how old or young you are your mother will always be there even if it is in spirit .. with a guiding hand to hold and arms to keep you safe all the mothers of the world along with the big mother nature are looking after you. Feel loved and safe and give that to others pass forward to your own children giving them love and safety .


I instantly was drawn to this card and realised that it was going to be a day that this message was shown to me constantly.

Starting with the waking of the rainbow farm children and the love of watching them go through their morning routines.

It’s amazing how much love we give our children going through our day doing routine things that really show that like making lunches for them and organising activities for them.

My Daughter Jennifer turns the big 8 this week and I must admit I was impressed with her school for thinking up such and amazing idea …

They allow any child having a birthday to donate a book to the library and for doing that she will get called out at assembly and have happy birthday sung to her and the book will have a dedication to her thanking her for donating it.


birthday book school


Now as I asked Miss J what book she would like and she asked for one by the author and in the series she loves …


It came to me that this wonderful idea of book donation is a wasted opportunity for myself …

Why isn’t Miss J asking for one of Mummy’s beautiful photography books to be donated to the school??




Because Mummy has not completed her beautiful photography books yet .

so as my mother’s love was building it has changed my direction yet again …


I have …






My son Robert’s birthday is in December and I now put it out to the universe …




Robert is in Grade One this year and I watch him reading his books each night …

“A Mouse is Quiet”  “A Spider is Quiet” “A Rabbit is Quiet”

I am sure I can come up with a short story series to rival these exciting repetition books they teach our children to read.

It will be done.

Idea’s are flowing.

Love my Kids and LOVE the way they are making me a better person and I am growing with them.

So what do you think??  I would love to read your thoughts on this and if you have any suggestions on what subject to do.