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Affirmations shine a clear focused energy on your dreams

Today’s sunlit oracle card that came out was …



Bring the sun from behind the clouds to warm your day

Bring the sun from behind the clouds to warm your day



your sunlit memory today is bringing you AFFIRMATION is what is needed to keep the light and energy glowing inside you at all times even with clouds in your way positive vibes and energy will find a way to shine and highlight the problems with in those clouds. Daily affirmations can be a wonderful tool to get you focused on where you want to be. Enjoy the warmth and sunshine they bring.


Now I will not say that I am an expert on Affirming what I want out of this world far from it .

I struggle daily with voicing what I really want from this life.

I can imagine I am not alone in this as we all have different reasons for keeping ourselves from the dream that we really want.

I have read about affirmations from a million different sources and I know that 90% of the success help books today say that affirmations are a valuable tool in getting your mind focused on what you want.

I do know that when I actually do say affirmations and put them out into the world as silly as I feel doing it more often than not I have a GOOD day it may not be life changing but I am happier than when I didn’t say those words.

So what do we have to lose?

Feel silly for a few minutes a day by saying out loud what our hearts desire.

It can’t hurt and it may just help.

Write it down or better yet take a look at the New years goals package that is available and I can always adapt one of the images to read your affirmations.

If you are unclear about what you are wanting in life you can just start with affirming that ..


“Today is going to be a wonderful day and something amazing is going to happen”


If you need some help with finding your direction you can always ask the question of the Sunlit oracle cards through myself as I do indepth readings emailed to you using the cards bringing you the healing and inspiring power of nature.

Start with taking a look at this months oracle reading for everyone which is in a previous blog post HERE

Also you can visit Leonie Dawson’s wonderful website and purchase for under $10 USD a copy of the Incredible Year workbook and calendar it’s not to late to start going through all the exercises and finding out what you really want to affirm in this life.

Take the time to find the real you and explore where you want to go it’s worth it and make sure you affirm it every day until it is reality.

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If at first you don’t succeed .. try, try again

I think I have been putting off this post because I didn’t want to admit I had failed.

I did not make my $1500 in Sales last month.

I failed ….

Or did I ???

Do we ever really fail??

I may not of reached that goal but I am not sorry that I made such a goal.
I tried hard to reach it in a short month with A LOT going on in my personal life. I learnt a lot about myself and I took a step towards believing in the dream that it truly can come true.

It is not a failure to try I am further ahead than I was the month before and even though it didn’t reflect this in $$$$ it has sure shown in my commitment to trying to keep the dream alive and to working towards that dream.

So this month ….

Guess what ??

I am doing it all again I am going to keep trying for this goal until I achieve it I have just moved the deadline to the end of this month and I am confident that I will reach it.


march goals


With a lot of help from friends and family and my wonderful clients and followers of my journey I will keep to this path and live my passion.

I am learning every day my Tafe Studies have started in how to manage a small business effectively which will help me with the more boring side of business.

I have the amazing Leonie Dawson and all her learning tools keeping me spiritually and business connected and learning constantly.

Most of all I have my passion .. getting out there into the healing and inspiring joy of nature seeing the sun rise every day is a joy and a great comfort to my journey.

Last month saw some beautiful sunrises a snap shot of these are in the monthly snapshot video below



For more daily sunshine and to keep up with what’s happening daily on Rainbow Farm make sure you head over to my facebook page HERE.
Thank you all for joining me on my journey you all help each day to keep me on the straight and wide of nature and I really enjoy sharing the healing power of nature with you and hope it heals and inspires you to great heights.

Remember to get out there amongst nature dream those dreams make those goals and above all keep trying to live your passion.


Don’t Fence Me In

It is such a emotional statement when I hear “don’t fence me in”  it brings up visions of the beautiful farm land around Rainbow Farm and those fences.

My growth in the last few months and years has been enormous but still as we all do I doubt myself and look to others for acknowledgement and support , encouragement and wisdom.

Sometimes even the best intentions can be to your detriment though and can indeed be fencing you in .. Loved ones are just that family and friends that love you dearly and only want the best for you and sometimes think that the easy way is so much better than trying to slog it out to get to somewhere that may not be worth it in the end.

I know quite a few of my loved ones are baffled by my wanting to strike out on my own and build a business around something I love they acknowledge what I am doing but don’t give the “I will succeed”  vibe and really are projecting the “get a haircut and a real job”  vibe they are just worried for me and I get that but it can fence you in … these people are intelligent people and if they don’t think I can do it .. how can I ??

It is with all the growth that I have been doing that I now notice my thinking about things and how I am subconsciously kept back by the thoughts of others letting them dictate how high I will fly and keeping me with in that fenced area of worth.

So when the “Don’t Fence Me In”  Sunlit oracle card came out this morning  it really hit home and getting to look at this card all day got me focusing on not allowing others to keep me in that fence.

Here is the Card … see how it makes you feel .. are you in the fog hidden behind a fence?  That energy is building up and you need to burst out of that fenced in life to be who you truly are meant to be.

030 log on

The Description of this card is from the Sunlit Oracle Card Deck …

your sunlit memory today is bringing you DON’T FENCE ME IN there is a barrier a fence between you and the issue your fear is clouding your judgement . Step back and look at the problem from another angle see the love also watch that you are not holding back or being lead by the situation. The sun is shining on you and will light your way take the fear away and embrace the outside world don’t be fenced in.

If you are having trouble breaking out of that fence and need some guidance to find the beautiful soul with in you a great way to do it is to explore Leonie Dawson’s workbooks both life and business it is never too late to start finding yourself and who you are mean’t to be .. break out now and take a look at

the 2013 Incredible Year Life and Business Workbooks with Calendars

Once you know where you are going and are on the other side of that fence a great way to remind you of how far you have come and where you are going in

the coming year with healing energy which will give you more time to relax and take time out check out ..


If you would like to look over the rest of the sunlit oracle card set I have them uploaded HERE feel free to like and comment on your favourites.

Another solution is to have your very own piece of paradise in your own home and workplace if relaxing is something you need to work on BUY a copy of this image in a format that sings to you even if it’s just a greeting card you can carry around with you to remind you.



Now Remember …..

don't fence me in logon

Don’t let yourself be fenced in by well meaning practical friends and family and also don’t fence in anyone you know and love see it from their point of view be supportive and if you have to pick up the pieces afterwards but don’t crush the dreams of yourself or anyone else.  It can be done with confidence and faith .. so go do it.

You can HAVE this Beautiful Inspirational Image to bring the healing power of nature and LOVE into your home


Don’t forget to see more wonderful healing power of nature you should join the

Rainbow Farm Photography Facebook Page

and connect with myself and others that share the joy of nature.




The Amazing Feeling Of Achieving that GOAL

The first month of the year has GONE.. it’s GONE …

Where it went so fast I am not sure seems like only yesterday it was Christmas.

This first month has flown past but in other ways it has been the most action packed and biggest growth and learning month of all the years behind me put together.

Every year I have started it off by making those same New years goals of generic things like get fit … make more money .. get organized etc.

This year although I did this I decided to not trust myself to do it right and went in search of some help.

I found my way to Leonie Dawson and her wonderful website .. she felt right to me because of her down to earth approach and the fact that she is an artist, mother and was making it work for her in her own way not boxed into any straight forward role.


I purchased her membership seeing the amazing value in all that she offers with that membership and started my year off with the 2013 incredible year life and business workbooks and calendars.

2013 Incredible Year Workbooks & Calendars

Now I am not so oraganised and together that I have filled in every page of these workbooks and I still have a lot of growing and soul searching to go but I have to say that these work books certainly got me thinking about myself and my life, business in different ways.

In the workbook calendars for business it asks you to put down what you want to make this month .. now I have always struggled with this a self worth problem that I have on not wanting to ask for anything.

I tentatively put down $400 which to some is not much for a business to be making in a whole month but to me it was like putting down a million dollars from not earning barely anything in the previous months this is a big amount.

250113 month goal

So I took a deep breath and with my new lease on motivation I started to actually work in my business engage everybody more on my Rainbow Farm Photography Facebook Page .. write a blog post or ten .. and once the activity started I was on the move and looking for more .. I still have ideas coming out my ears and have trouble pinning myself done to the one thing at a time but I am getting there and will get there that is the main thing.

Also this month I took the time out to go to Anita Revel’s Sacred Savy Goddess Workshops which I have a blog post on the to do list to write all about my wonderful revelations and joy at doing these work shops .. for now I will say that they are amazing and everyone should try get along to one .. the link to the latest ones is below.


The main thing I would like to say about this month before I go off on too much of a tangent and get lost

I wrote down my goals … I never thought I could do it …


$400 in sales is mine even up to the last day I needed $150 on the last day and when I woke yesterday morning I thought there was no way .. but instead of going into a depression about my once again failure to make it to the finish line I smiled and kept repeating to myself all day … I WILL make $150 in sales today .. I WILL Make my Monthly total of $400 in Sales.

With only hours left it was after dinner last night I finally got several beautiful souls ordering wonderful healing products and some of them not even the specials I had put up.

It goes to show that a little faith and a lot of motivation and positivitiy can go along way.

This month will be even bigger and better and I have made a scary,

terrifying goal of $1500 in sales this month.

feb goals $1500


With all the products and ideas to get out this month to Bring the healing power of Nature into your world … there is no way I can fail.

What are you Goals for this month? What goals did you make for this year?

I know one of the best things that helped me this month was writing them down and having them visually in front of me.

The New Years Goals Package is wonderful for doing exactly this having a visual beautiful designed healing and motivating trio of images to remind you daily of your goals.

Bring your Dreams and Goals to life and achieve them by buying the New Years Goals Package  now it’s never to late to start.

Would love to hear how your plans for 2013 are going … tell me what they are put them in writing in a comment for all to see making it more real and accountable.

This year is OUR year lets make it the best year yet.



me pic


“SHINE” is my Word for the Year

At the beginning of this year I had the luck to be pointed in the direction of the wonderful and talented Leonie Dawson her message resonated with me because she is so down to earth and likes doing art and has a child .. also her business message and the help she gives to other business owners is really simple and easy to follow with a amazing creative flair that appeals to my creative mind.


I was instantly taken with the site and ended up signing up for a full membership for the year and I have not regretted one minute of that choice as it has totally turned my life around. The resources that become available to you FREE once you sign up are abundant and I haven’t got through them all yet but the ones I have used so far have got me buzzing with energy and setting me on the right track towards living my passion and being financially stable in doing it.

The 2013 Incredible Year Life and Business Workbooks and Calendars have to date been the most prominent part of my journey sitting down and making you think about how you hold onto the past and how you see your future and how you see yourself as a human being it has been a tremendous journey of growth.

2013 Incredible Year Workbooks & Calendars

One of the Exercises in the Life Workbook is to Choose a “WORD” of the year something that tells you what you want to be and achieve this year what you need to focus on and work on.

It didn’t take me more than a minute to come up with my word ….


It was just so perfect it reflects what I do as a nature photographer bringing the light and sunshine to the world each day and it also showed what I need to work on and that is letting myself be seen and shining my own light for everyone to see as well as showing my shining work to the world more.

I didn’t see the real impact of picking a word for the year at first but put faith in doing it and had some fun jazzing up my page in the work book.

2013 word of year

Then as I was putting away my 2012 calendar and releasing all that was in 2012 I saw the Shining sun through the clouds image and it just said to me “SHINE” a little project then emerged and in doing this project the rainbow farm kids joined in and had a ball (highly recommend trying it with your kids and an old calendar)

140113 shine calendar print

Since putting that calendar poster up on my Office door to see everytime I walk in it really has helped keep my mind on the word and the meaning of SHINE and I believe it is making my day so much easier to get through and the ideas and abundance is flowing so well now I am not even feeling like I am working just living the love of my passion.

If you would like to do your own “word” project with a Rainbow Farm Photography Calendar check out the Calendar selection HERE if you can’t find one you like email through to and we can do a customised calendar for you .. the calendars can be set to any start month you wish or you can just use it as a CHEAP way to get 13 images to frame.

I highly recommend checking out Leonie Dawson Website the membership is a few dollars but you truly recoup it in value and she does offer payment plans if you need them.

If you can’t afford the membership make sure you jump in now and grab one or both of the workbooks which come with calendars they are priceless and such a bargain starting at $9.95

Another great way to keep your wonderful work done on your new years goals and your “word” of the year is to BUY NOW the amazing New Year’s Goals Package from Rainbow Farm Photography that gives you a beautiful image of your word customised for you with an affirmation along with lots of other goodies to choose from .. check out the whole package by clicking on the “SPARKLE” image which is an example of one of the images included in the package.

2013 wordlogoon


Let me know what Your word for the year is would love to hear how it is helping you achieve your dreams and passions.


P.s… I am an affiliate of Leonie Dawson’s products so I do receive a commission from any sales but I whole heartedly support these products as beautiful and wonderful ways to grow yourself and/or your business.

me pic


Do You Need Some Extra Help With Your New Year’s Goals ?

Have you made New Year’s Goals and now that time is slipping by you are starting to doubt your resolve ??

Could you use a little visual stimulation to keep you on track ??

This is the package for you …

Included in this package is an amazing inspirational trio of images using the sunrise (if possible) of your birthday as a healing and warming backdrop to the stimulating and energy boosting words that you supply to boost your focus and keep you on track with your dreams.

You can choose between a Digital Version or a Printed Version enabling you to have the freedom to choose the best way for you to visualise and achieve those goals

First Image

2013 NY Goalslogoon

5×7 inch Print or JPEG up to 8×12 inch size

Portrait Layout. A beautiful list of up to ten of your most wanted New Year’s Resolutions or goals on top of the background of a beautiful birthday sunrise.

Second Image

2013 wordlogoon

6×8 inch Print or JPEG up to 8×12 size

Landscape Layout. An affirmation and your “word” for the year to keep you motivated and remind you of your goals.

Third Image

2013 wordcloudlogoon

5×7 inch Print or JPEG up to 8×12 inch size

Portrait Layout. Will be a word cloud of up to twenty of your most inspiring and motivating words to motivate and focus you every day to acheive those goals.

All three prints are placed in a sturdy black matt trio folder that folds up for easy transporting and sits beautifully on any flat surface or you can remove them and frame them as you wish.

trio mock up

Also included as a gift to you…

Is a wonderful 3 Card Sunlit Oracle Card Reading on how the year ahead is looking for you and show areas that you may have to concentrate on more.

oracle cards

You can also ask Three Questions to be answered by a One Card Reading

Lastly just for a bit of added fun You can ask Three Yes/No Questions that I will ask one of my pendulums the answer.


This will all be delivered to your address of choice or via your email with the trio folder if printed version and a Report on your Oracle and Pendulum Readings.

There is a set mail out rate of $14.95 for postage and packaging for printed version.

With this package customised just for you there will be so much energy and focus on your goals that you will have no troubles getting on top of those goals and achieving them before the year is out.

Testimonial from a Happy Customer 

“How can I forget my goals and dreams when they are right here in front of me every day on gorgeous sunrise images?

Even when life gets crazy, I know where I’m going and what I need to believe in to make it happen.”


buy now PRINTED

buy now digital


Are you having trouble setting New Year’s Goals?

The 2013 Incredible year Workbooks for Life and/or Business are amazing and start at only $9.95

Click on the image below to check them out 🙂

2013 Incredible Year Workbooks & Calendars