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Leaving that light Shining brightly a path to freedom and adventure

Today’s sunlit memories oracle card is …

Leave a Light On

026 leave a light on

Card Description is ..

You need to make sure you keep the light burning in your soul you are worthy of all the world can give you . Leaving a light on for another is only okay if you don’t sacrifice your own light. Artificial thoughts and feelings that don’t really have a place anymore have to be given away bring your inner light and sunshine out for all those precious to you to see.

This card ties in beautifully with Day Three of the 30 Day Blog Challenge with Natalie Sisson.

30 day challenge

The question for today’s blogging challenge was …

What’s your definition of freedom in business and adventure in life?

The only way to be truly free and be able to live the adventure of life is to keep the light in your soul shining brightly allowing it to guide you and shape your life.

I believe living your true passion is the best way to experience freedom.

Find what makes you happy and as long as it is not going to hurt anyone else … go for it.

I am working my way towards this true goal by using this year to develop my spiritual intuition and oracle card sets with the aim to next year launching into being paid financially for my gifts as well along side my passion for Pet and Nature Photography.

What is your passion?

Follow your dreams to freedom and adventure.

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April a month of Learning to trust and fix what is broken with the help of nature’s spirit.

April is here already time is flying by.  It is an interesting reading this month still not exactly the most comfortable with the video thing… but I hope you enjoy it just the same and get alot out of what the cards have to say this month.



If you would like a more in depth customised reading done for yourself feel free to take a look at the

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If you are looking to learn something new starting with learning about yourself is a great place to begin

Find your blue bird song discover your journey

and work out where you want to go ..

try out the ….

Leonie Dawson 2013 Incredible Year Workbooks with Calendars

they are a great way to find yourself and start a new beginning that is tuned to your desires and dreams.

Once you have your direction a great was to keep it in your mind and see that new beginning and where it is going is to BUY  the …

The New Year’s Goals Package

So that you are seeing your goals every day and being motivated by inspiring visual aides.

If you would like to look over the rest of the sunlit oracle card set I have them uploaded HERE feel free to like and comment on your favourites.

Another solution is to have your very own piece of paradise in your own home and workplace if abundance is something you need to work on BUY a copy of any of the sunlit oracle cards in a format that sings to you even if it’s just a greeting card you can carry around with you to remind you.



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What a month March was

After a crushing end to February when we lost Miss Ellie March turned out to be a very busy month. Being busy was a good thing less time to miss Ellie.


PP 081211 ellie


If you missed the news on Miss Ellie’s passing the blog post is HERE

We also brought our new kindred spirit into the home with Billy a beautiful soul who is learning slowly to trust again after such a traumatic start to his life. He is so funny how he bravely barks at every new person that comes into his life but makes sure he keeps his distance.


PP billy


You can learn more about Billy’s arrival in the blog post HERE

I was excited to announce a new range to Rainbow farm photography during March which was the Wall and Door Murals.

I love them they are so big and beautiful and a great way to decorate a big area or even a small area like a toilet or bathroom wall.


Door mural mockup


you can find out more about the Wall and Door murals in the blog post HERE

In March I also got to babysit my friends BIG sooky german shepherd Jersey


PP 170313 Jersey4


She is such a loveable soul but she had young Billy put in his place. They loved playing together and going for walks in the bush it was the only time that Billy would leave my side was with Jersey.


PP billy and jersey


They had many adventures in the time she was with us the most traumatic being when Jersey decided if her mum wasn’t going to come get her she was going to go find her mum and took Billy along with her. I came home with the rainbow farm kids late one afternoon and they had got out through the fence and taken off and as it was nearly dark after a hour of searching we had to go through a worrying night of not knowing where they were.

Jersey is not a young dog and I worried she would not make a long walk and it was a cold night and then I worried that if someone did find them Billy would not go to anyone and would be so scared.

Luckily in the morning I was able to track down where they were and I had been right that Billy had been so scared that the man that found him took him straight to the ranger and Jersey was kept with the people and they took her back to her mum’s place which ofcourse was empty.

I collected them after a hefty jail fee for Billy and bought a chain for Jersey to keep her home when we went out .. they were fine when we were home but went looking when not home.

Jersey is happily back with her mum now and my Dad has been round and fixed the fences. Billy is happy to stay close to me again and doesn’t venture far.

We had some stunning sunrises during March also a few rainy days where there wasn’t a sunrise which I always feel a bit sad about.

Here is a snap shot of all the favorite sunrises for March



Loving being busy and enjoying the wonderful healing and inspiring power of nature and being able to bring it to you to have in your world to forever energize you and your family.

Make sure you come and check out all the excitement that April is going to bring over at my facebook page

Rainbow Farm Photography Facebook Page

How was your March?? What exciting things happened to you?

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“The first thing you notice about a person is their shoes”

A strange title for a blog post I know you are thinking that.

It came to me while I was watching the GREAT Movie


Kinky Boots



You know what?

It’s funny but I don’t notice shoes… ever.

Is that weird?

When it was said in the movie I thought on this and was worried that I don’t notice shoes .. was I being rude or not paying enough attention?

Then I went further and went into my lack of noticing the ceiling the only time I notice the ceiling is when company is coming and then I look up.

I started to think that I really was not paying attention to my life if I never looked up or down what was I doing?

I notice out in front.




I do see where my feet are going … I see to the sides and out in front.
Being a country girl it is wise to always be looking out in front searching for the perils of nature such as snakes, ants and spiders or even sticks and rabbit holes.


the famous blue tongue


So where do you look? Have you ever stopped and thought about it?

Maybe it says something about us where we look in everyday life. I don’t aim too high just a few steps in front , cautious in every one but never standing still looking at where I am or looking behind at where I have been.

This may be a good thing … I don’t think it’s a bad thing …. Not going backwards is good not standing still also good but only seeing a step or two in front??

Need to look a bit further in front and high into the sky a bit more.




Another quote from the movie was …

“Maybe you shouldn’t judge it in brick Charlie, Maybe it’s what you inspire in others”

This was telling Charlie that he shouldn’t think of how much material things he was leaving as a legacy but of the inspiration he was leaving on all his staff in his business.

I liked this because it is true we are all searching for these $$$ amounts to make us happy when leaving a lasting legacy in our peers and our children is a much better thing to be remembered for.



If you haven’t seen this movie it is a great inspirational movie with a good dash of comedy it is not completely on the mark compared to the actual true story but I think if it makes you laugh and gives you a great message then it is a worthy movie to watch.

Do you know any other GREAT movies that are inspiring and are entertaining as well??

Would love to find them out comment below and I will do a blog post later on with the list of everyone’s great movies as well as my list of favorites.


Finding out how to be a “Goddess for Life” PART ONE ~ Health

At the start of January on the very first Sunday of the month I took a Journey.

Along with a good friend of mine I attended a workshop in Cowaramup Western Australia run by the beautiful Anita Revel from Goddess For Life.



The First in a Series of Three Workshops that were to help bring out the Sacred and Savvy Goddess in us all. Starting with working on our Health.

I had enrolled in all three workshops but was a bit hesitant on attending the first one being it was on Health which usually translate to how you can lose weight and focuses on the body image of people who have weight on them ..

I am have NEVER had this problem and it has been a bit of a curse.

So I walked in with a big wall up saying this is not the workshop for me I don’t need this I am really only here because it was a package of three and I wanted the other two.

Well I was bought down a peg or two and did learn a lot about my Health.

Looking at how we see ourselves and our body image .. yes most people see the overweight but I was seeing “too skinny”

Because I was “too skinny” and had people forever telling me to “eat something” I used to do just that eat and eat with pretty much no worries on what I ate and when.

During the two hour workshop I discovered how my mental health really affected my physical health and this is the case for all of us.

I also had a chance to discover how being too thin had affected my health in the earlier years and even today.

I urge everyone to explore this subject of why your health is where it is today.

This workshop along with the next two workshops which I will bring up in another post. Have really helped me discover me and how I tick bringing out the way I put myself down and sabotage myself because of how I am seen by others or rather how “I think” others see me.

I would like to say that when you are in the situation to comment on a persons appearance and especially weight to make sure you are always positive it doesn’t matter how large or small the person is they will have body issues and even self esteem issues I think even the most well put together person mentally and physically has issues at some time.

So PLEASE don’t tell a slim person to “put on some weight” or “ you can have some of my weight” because you may find that the person has been struggling for years to do just that and in doing so has adopted unhealthy eating habits to try put on weight when all that happened is lost energy and health by eating junk.

I can vividly remember going to the doctors with my mother when I was in my teens and the doctor telling me I had anorexia .. I couldn’t believe it .. here I was eating like a horse trying to put on weight and this man had labeled me with a disease that said I wanted to be even thinner. I changed doctors immediately.

Me 1999

Me at Work in 1999

I also tried ringing around the weightloss companies thinking they may have a weight gain program ended up going on a program that was designed for men to lose weight was on the highest calorie diet .. I didn’t put on any weight .. I didn’t lose any weight but out of that I did discover that I had more energy and vitality from eating regular and good food.

I eventually got some weight on me wasn’t really until after I had my children and I am still considered skinny by most but I am healthy and that is the main thing.

TL free to be me

So to wrap up … going through the workshop on HEALTH really pointed out just that the “HEALTH” aspects of your life and gave good insight into how you see your health and we planned and implemented ways to improve it.

I really enjoyed it in the end and came away with a lot to think about and would highly recommend it to anyone who needs to find themselves and combined with the two other workshops it is a great way to shine as a goddess in your own light.

To catch up with PART TWO of my Series on the wonderful Workshops by Anita Revel

Click HERE


To catch up with PART THREE of my Series on the wonderful Workshops by Anita Revel



Thank you for sharing this journey of discover with me and I would love to hear your thoughts on the issue of your health .. how do you see yourself??



me pic