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Inspiring myself to Blog with Suitcase Entrepreneur’s 30 Day Blog Challenge

You may have noticed a few changes ..

along with the sound of crickets chirping on this page

The name has been changed …


Well lots of secret can’t tell reasons but the name may of changed you will still get some amazing inspirational and more on the spiritual side postings from this page.

To keep up with all the Rainbow Farm Photography news there is also a blog dedicated to the pet and nature photography side.

Rainbow Farm Photography Blog

Sunlit Memories blog will be the place to come to enjoy all the wonders of the Sunlit Memories Oracle Cards and all things sunlit.

It is a place for me to explore my intuition and trial my cards before having them published July 2014.

Now that this has been decided I was excited to see a posting about …

30 day challenge

This is just what I need to get me up and blogging more often not leaving it months inbetween postings.

This challenge is going to get the juices flowing again and help me bring more joy and spirit into your days.

I hope you can join me on this challenge which I will be doing on both my blogs so follow, like, comment and share and make sure you remind me if I don’t post that daily challenge blog post.

Just to show that through all the winter rain today there is actually a Silver lining …

Today’s sunlit memories oracle card was …

how about that …

Silver linings

035 silver lining

Card Description :

You need to be bringing your focus to the positive in every situation there is a silver lining in all that we do or that happens even the very bad traumas in our life bring us strength and growth to shine through the clouds of yesterday and bring the silver lining to all those around us.

I laughed when I saw this card the sun hasn’t been in sight for the last two days because of rain and cloud and I really was not seeing the silver linings of anything and feeling sorry for myself because the sun had left me.

Now I see that silver lining in the form of this blog challenge and a renewed ray of sunshine filtering through to warm and energise me to find the silver lining and sunshine in every day.

What is your silver lining for the day?

Maybe Joining me on this blog challenge is it?

Click on the icon below to join up also.

30 day challenge

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One Step at a Time, Heal your Fear in the Month of May a Oracle Reading for us All

Being a bit slack this month and not doing a video of the monthly reading my head is to full of things to do that I can’t get my mind and mouth to work well together… much easier to type it out than say it.

I did my quiet reflection and chose three cards for the month

Here is what came out ….

May 2013 Card Reading


An interesting selection and all three compliment each other well and give us a great journey for the month of May.

The first card that came out is ….


one step at a time 027 logo on


Card Description …
your sunlit memory today is bringing you ONE STEP AT A TIME all good things come to those who are patient and lay a good foundation … you can step your way through the clouds to great heights if you take it one step at a time .. if you miss a step you risk falling far behind. Let the suns rays lift you up and encourage you in your journey and take those steps to new heights

the second card that came out was …

healing 18 logo on



Card Description…
your sunlit memory today is bringing you HEALING a kiss to the sun or from the sun can heal your world. You need to let your love heal your fear and with this you can also heal others. You will be protected by the kiss of the sun giving you the healing strength to move forward with faith and love no matter what others give you in return your love will heal all.

The Third card to appear ….


032 logo on



Card Description…
your sunlit memory today is bringing you FEAR it is holding you back with realization that there is a part of your life that you are worried will never be fulfilled and whole it impacts on all areas of your life. It is hard not to be fearful of the future try seeing the best result without fear in it visualize it daily red your life of fear and inner peace will be yours.


My Insights into the three cards and what May has instore for us …

The year is getting away from us we are starting to get overwhelmed with the busy lives we lead and once you start down that spiral it’s a slippery slope. Fear and doubt starts to creep in you start to get tired and sick feel scared and unable to cope … It’s time to get back to basics remember where it is you want to go and take it one step at a time. When you focus on each step before moving to the next one you will start to heal your life force and rid yourself of sickness and fear. Work on your steps to a better life this month and let the healing energy of the sun energise you and release your fears.

Did you make new years goals?

Go back and check them out or if you didn’t maybe now is a good time to start it’s never too late to rediscover yourself.

A good tool to use to discover your true self and help you make those steps to a new life is the  ….

Leonie Dawson 2013 Incredible Year Workbooks with Calendars

they are a great way to find yourself and start a new beginning that is tuned to your desires and dreams.

If you would like a more indepth customized oracle card reading a great package that gives a three card reading for the months ahead as well as a beautiful visual sunrise inspirational trio is the

The New Year’s Goals Package

it can be used any time of the year and be customized to exactly who you are.

there is also other packages for oracle readings and inspirational images if you want to take a wander through the SHOP on my facebook page  you can find some great inspiring works that will bring the healing and inspiring power of nature into your world.

How did you go last month?

Did the cards help you and make sense?

If you didn’t catch last months reading …

HERE is the April Oracle card reading video …



Would love to hear from you all to see if it helped and how you went with last month and if this months cards are something you need to work on.

Remember to “LIKE” the Rainbow Farm Photography Facebook Page to catch the daily card reading and see the wonderful sunrise for each day.

Enjoy the wonders of nature.



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Reliving and Releasing 2012

It still amazes me that I did not do one blog post in 2012 it shows that I have something to work on this year .. I know I thought often of blogging and wanted to but stepped away from it because once you have been silent for a few weeks months I always feel like I have to explain my absence but no more I will just put the post up when it comes to me and if it is not in the perfect order then so be it.

This post is a wrap up of what happened in 2012 to give you a taste of all the joy that did happen and even a bit of sadness along the way it was a big year for growth and change for me and I am looking forward to the year ahead to make all those changes come to pass. It may all be a bit confusing will just type and add as I remember things have done a couple of small videos to showcase a few of the images that were taken through out the year there a many more and all can be seen on my facebook pages Rainbow Farm Photography and Sunlit Memories.

Will start with a snap shot video of 2012’s Sunrises it was a beautiful year for sunrises and as I looked through the month choosing five from each one I noticed that although there was a few rainy days most of each month had a beautiful sunrise. I decided in March last year to dedicate a facebook page just to the sunlit images such as sunrises and sunsets and just sun in clouds images.
Sunlit Memories was born and is slowly coming into its own will be developing this name and page a lot more in 2013.

Sunsets and sunshine came my way a lot also in 2012 although I don’t get as many sunsets because they usually occur at dinner time or arsenic hour as it’s called where the rainbow farm kids are a tiny bit of a handful so I am concentrating on getting them fed before they start chewing on me. I may try and change that a bit this coming year maybe a wind down trip outside to enjoy the sunset would be a good thing just have to organize my dinner planning better .. food for thought. Anyway here is a little video with a few of the shots from last year including some beautiful rainbows good old rainbow farm did not disappoint for it’s abundance of rainbows you should check out all the rainbows HERE

There was a bit of change this year and not so much for the good those days that the sun did not shine and the wind and rain battered rainbow farm and the countryside around it we lost a few of our most treasured trees. I am so humbled that I started this journey to photograph the sunrise each day because I got so many beautiful images of these trees before they were lost to us forever and now I have that memory to share and relive in the future.


16th of September 2010 Sunrise

Both of these trees have gone now brought down in storms

RF 130612 tree2

The beautiful Guardian to the the gate of Rainbow Farm is now Gone.

110610 sunrise 1

This beautiful dead tree lost it’s top in a storm and has since fallen down.

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This tree stood in a paddock on a farm on the road leading up to rainbow farm .. the farm ended up for sale .. the new owners destroyed this tree for more crop space before I had a chance to show them it’s true beauty.

I had a big crisis of faith when I lost these beautiful trees in the space of a few months I thought what was the point when the main focus of so much of my work was these trees.  I have managed to go on and I felt really silly grieving for trees that were already dead but I needed that time to grieve they were a big part of my life and now they are gone.  The sun still gets up each morning and I now search further to find some more interesting trees and sunrises images these trees will forever be a memory to cherish and I am so lucky to have photographed them and be able to visit them when ever I want to remember.

A lot happened in 2012 I am sure much more than is shown here and I promise this year you will see more of what is happening on Rainbow Farm in this blog for daily inspiration and healing there is always something up on


Rainbow Farm Photography Facebook Page


Sunlit Memories Facebook Page

I now release 2012 and look for new and exciting adventures in 2013 I hope you can join me on my journey.



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Looking at Life from Every Angle

This morning after I had taken my sunrise images as per routine I take Miss Ellie for a walk to the end of the road and back it was a peaceful walk and I was enjoying the sunshine.  I usually if I have managed good sunrise shots hide my camera near the gate so I don’t have to carry it with me so when I went back for it for some reason today I crouched down to pick it up and I felt the sun shining from the corner of my eye .. the fence strainer posts along the side boundary fence caught my eye also and I thought now that is a different way to get a fence post shot so got the camera out got down low and went to take a pic … looking through the lens I see the tree is in the way … hmm … what to do so i move my line of sight a bit more get a bit lower change to the wide lens and get the tree in as well …  I have never noticed this angle before it has always been there but not seen.

I didn’t think much more of it besides the thought to have another go at this angle tomorrow morning .  When I got back to the house and did my morning check on the wonderful Facebook I noticed a post from a friend that I felt compelled to comment on…

the status was …

“Delight yourself in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.” Ps 37:4

My comment was … Not sure about that I question the hearts desires not what god can give

the way I looked at it was that we all have hearts desires but are they actually what is good for all and the universe??

 Then another person replied with …. I heard it said we often misinterpret this verse – perhaps it means God will place desires in our heart that are in line with his heart, as opposed to just handing out whatever we want. I like that! I want my heart to desire whatever pleases Him. He will ‘give’ us new desires.

This got me thinking how we can all see things from different angles or perspectives it is the same scenery or words but to one it is seen in a totally different way.

Now all this is happening at barely 6am in the morning my mind is pondering all these deep thoughts on life and the angle in which it is seen versus the directions that are taken.  My mind drifts to the fact that I often complain about getting up so early in the morning at the moment to capture the sunrise and that it would be so much nicer to be tucked up in bed for another hour or two.  That is a different angle though if you see it from the negative angle it is an chore but the positive angle is that I get to greet the day every morning with the sun I get fresh air and quiet time while the children are sleeping my mind is clear to ponder such deep thoughts so early in the morning.

While I was musing over this new enlightenment I looked out my office window to notice Miss Ellie lounging sound asleep on the back lawn and thought “isn’t it the life”  to be able to lounge around all day would be so nice .. wouldn’t it??

Hmm … thinking of my recent angle changing experience I decided to think of it from her point of view .. now yes it is nice to be lying there early in the morning but she is outside away from the family then and for most of the day ALL she has to do all day is lounge around and do nothing she must get so bored and wonder why she is there.  I don’t think “it’s the life”  at all.

Maybe this is a new (well it is probably a really old way but new to me) way to get perspective on a situation what ever it is you are doing from taking a photo to making a major choice in your life make sure you look at all the angles before making that choice on how to do something you might get a surprise at what new ideas and directions you can find.

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Farm Life can be Dangerous

The warm weather has started making a more regular appearance .  The yellow flowers have come and gone the grass is starting to get a tinge of brown.

The Black cockatoos are a regular visitor at the moment in their flocks of hundreds making the dawn chorus even louder than usual.


With the warmer weather also comes the awakening of all those cold blooded creatures that rather sleep the day away in a nice warm hole somewhere than move around.  This time of year while the snakes and lizards are still a bit sleepy it can be very dangerous place to be on the farm specially as Rainbow Farm has so much bush (forrest) areas and the farm house is situated in the middle of all this lovely greenery.

You can imagine my surprise when one morning I can hear a lot of racket going on outside a thumping against the wall along side the house … I was thinking that young Miss Ellie our beautiful border collie dog was having fun with her favourite play toy so went to open up the sliding door to the outside and just as I reached for the handle I got a nasty scare … a rather large (yes all those locals out there it’s a baby to you) snake flew up at the window.  I immediately jumped back from the door and (yes I said a few choice words) I stood frozen watching the dog bouncing in and out at this snake and the snake rearing up at the door trying to get away.  What to do??  my heart was going a million miles an hour I seriously didn’t want to go outside didn’t have any shoes on .. where are my shoes??  no idea at that moment … I had to get the dog away before she got bitten … So round to the other side of the house I go and yelled rather loudly and hopefully with great authority (we all know how the dog and the kids really listen to their mum) I called for Ellie .. and to my great joy she came straight away she was rather pleased with herself for being able to come inside.

The snake eventually moved off and back into the bush on the otherside of the house but the dog stayed in the house for the rest of the afternoon just incase and the Rainbow farm children got a big lecture about not going near the bush and to wear shoes at all times from now on.

A few days later we had another visitor I had heard Miss Ellie barking for longer than the usual  so had gone to take a look and there was a racehorse goanna in the clear area in front of our garage where the car gets parked outside the fenced area.  There was no danger to it or the dog so I raced in and grabbed the camera hoping that it would enjoy watching the silly dog for a bit longer .  Managed to get close the sun was in the wrong position for a good shot without spooking it but you can get the idea of what he looked like.

These guys aren’t really dangerous would give a good scratch and nip if they got to close but the speed they can travel means that rarely happens I love seeing them they are so regal looking I think.

The other visitors that can cause a commotion in the Rainbow Farm yard is the Blue tongue lizards or bobtails as we like to call them. Miss Ellie usually manages to bail at least two or three every spring/summer season she doesn’t always bark at these ones so I have to be fairly vigilant if she goes missing for a while she has one under the bush in the corner of the yard and she can manage to kill these poor creatures.

I usually have to save the poor thing not that it likes that idea thinking I am a bigger threat than the dog get to see a good look at that blue tongue as I gingerly try to reach behind for it’s neck where it can’t reach me with it’s jaws to carry it to safety.

Ellie with a bobtail under the farm house verandah


the famous blue tongue


So when you are out in the Australian countryside in spring and summer please watch where you are stepping keep an eye on the ground and keep your pets from going into areas where you can’t see them it is a terrible time of year for snake bites and many pets do not make it through.

These creatures are in their homes in nature and we have intruded on that by building a house in the middle of their road I did not and will not kill these creatures unless I absolutely have no other choice.

Respect is what is needed and common sense.

Enjoy nature and give it the respect it deserves 🙂



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Spring and the Month of September


Spring has come to Rainbow Farm the whole place is covered in yellow flowers.  The Bees are buzzing (ask my son who got stung the other day).  Also the sun is getting up earlier having to reset my alarm just about every week at the moment today I was running for the sun again and it was just after 6am I love the beautiful weather but the early morning starts can be hard .

The birds are so much more active and it is great to see the white tailed black cockatoos have headed back to the farm they sit amongst the flowers and have a feast every day until I go and annoy them trying to get beautiful images of them in flight.


Spring makes me feel free as a bird

As it is Spring and not yet Summer there were still a few rainy days this month and where there is rain sometimes we are lucky enough to get a rainbow or two .. and if your on or around Rainbow farm the chances seem to be doubled… so fitting that a double rainbow appeared on my walk one morning.

Another special memory I have of my morning walks now taken AFTER the sun has risen and I have taken images … I walk with my beautiful dog Ellie she loves to get out and spend this time with me.


The Beautiful Miss Ellie


While we are walking the sun slowly moves up into the sky the birds are chirping the odd rabbit scurries across the road in front .. and we are especially blessed by seeing most mornings a cheeky little Scarlet Robin he loves to fly down onto the road just out of reach of Miss Ellie’s nose and will sit in the nearest tree to stop and talk with me then follow along from tree to tree till his boundary is met.

A Facebook page that I am a part of “ShamanicDreamtime” has been putting up the power animal meanings of all these beautiful creatures and one day it was about the Robin was very interesting to read .. here is what it said …

The robin is a bird of Spring, a time of new growth and new beginnings.
It flies into our lives on the winds of change asking us to weed our personal gardens and plant new seeds for our future.
Rebirth and renewal require changes in all areas of life that have become stagnant and outdated.
The robin redbreast teaches us to how to make these changes with joy in our hearts.
Its song is a happy one reminding us to let go of our personal drama and learn to laugh with life.
If this medicine is underdeveloped those with this power animal are continually challenged by the prospects of change.
Difficulties arise and emotional discord can surface.
Learning how to release our attachments to the old is one of the life lessons the redbreast helps us master.
The robin redbreast is a bird of divine service.
Those with this power animal often have past life ties to the Christ energy.
They make excellent priests and missionaries.
I like to think that there is a change coming not only in the weather and the landscape but in myself and my business it has taken a lot of time to get here and with each baby step I reach to achieve my goal of bringing the healing power of nature into your world and also put food on the table for myself and my two children (and Miss Ellie).
The month has been one of growth and healing beauty and I look forward to this new month for more growth make sure you head over to Rainbow Farm Photography facebook page to keep up with all the daily activity on Rainbow Farm and below is a video of the best sunrise shots of the month enjoy the break into sunshine.

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Following My Passion to live my dream of bringing the healing power of nature into your world

I look out my office window to the beautiful blue sky … white fluffy clouds dot the sky and the sun is shining brightly .. it is a beautiful spring day the flowers are starting to bloom and life is good..

I love living on the Farm here in Busselton, Western australia .. the fresh air and quiet (besides my 4yr old shooting to oblivion some thing on the wii) really refreshes the soul and reminds me why I am here and what I have to do to follow my passion.  I don’t want to regret my life in years to come for not giving it my all .. I want to be able to provide for my family and share the wonder of nature with the world in the process … but…

I do need some help … I need YOUR help …

I have entered a competition held by Natalie Sisson of Womanzworld and Natalie MacNeil of She takes on the world who have come together to form WE Mastermind to help business women like myself get out there into the world and make money in the passion that they love … The competition prize is a combination of packages all to help further business and valued at $5000.oo USD.  All that I had to do was enter a submission and get all my wonderful friends, family and people passionate about nature to vote for my submission every day until the 14th of September 2011.  The entry with the most votes will win.

Here is the video that I did up for the submission …

I would love if you could share this blog post and/or my submission entry .. which you can go to Facebook and vote for me


you will have to be a facebook member and allow the application to be able to vote.

For being such wonderful and supportive nature lovers I will be giving a little reward once my votes get to 200

I will be uploading to my Facebook page a high resolution copy of the below photo which you will be able to download and use as a wallpaper on your computer even get a small print done of it

When the competition votes get over 200 I will upload this image for a week only and then take it down so keep an eye out and vote every day at the above link so you will know when to go and download your special gift as a thank you for your troubles.

27th of August 2011 Sunrise

If I am lucky enough to get to 300 or 400 votes we can choose another image to do the same thing with for a week only.

thank you for all your support and for following my journey of self discovery and giving me the courage to follow my passion

bringing the healing power of nature into your world through natural unedited nature photography


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Do You Love Cloud Gazing?? Post your Favourite Cloud Photos Competition

Over the weekend while I was doing my daily routine of heading down to the Rainbow Farm front gate to take sunrise images … I looked up and around as you do when you are constantly on the prowl for a good photograph and it was not the best morning specially where the sun comes up.

To my right and above was this formation of Clouds … and it was an instant vision of a beautiful head shot of a woman with a hat on .. so I quickly grabbed out my camera and took a shot…

Can you see what I see??

When I posted it on my face book page HERE  there were quite a few that saw what I saw and others that saw a monster .. one member saw the Goddess of Spring which I liked the idea of as Spring will be here soon .. and there were some that couldn’t see anything at all so as a few saw a monster which I could see once it was pointed out I wanted to show the Goddess to get the monster out of their minds put the image on my photoshop program and did a quick sketch over the top to show roughly what I saw.

What I saw in the Clouds

I was surprised and delighted at the amount of comments and responses I got to these two images and then even a few people posting their own images of clouds … I have been looking for a new competition idea after the success of the “your inspirational words”  competition .. and now I have one.

Starting today and running until 9am Western Australian time next monday the 29th of August 2011


To Enter..

You will first need to be a member of my facebook page  Rainbow Farm Photography Facebook

Then upload onto the wall your favourite Cloud photo  (one entry per person)

I will then add it to the Cloud Competition album HERE

Then to win you just get all your friends to like you entry and or comment see if they can find some fantasy animals in your pic.. have fun with it .. you can share it on your wall just make sure they like the photo not your link on your wall.

At the end of the competition I will count up all the likes and the image with the most will win.


well the  WINNER  will   WIN   a  FREE  8×12 inch print of their choice and customised as they wish with words etc .

also I will collect up all the Likers in the competition and  do a draw of one of them for a special gift to be sent specially for helping and having fun in the comp.

So get out there and start doing some cloud gazing and upload today to get the best chance of winning.

Cloud Gazing is Fun ...


A Storm is a Coming

Who knew when I was awoken early by a little boy dreaming loudly that I was in for such a treat … The sky was filled with beautiful clouds all in patterns reaching across the sky.  It was beautiful in the grey of the morning but the best was yet to come….

The glow of the coming sunrise brought a beautiful array of pink to the clouds above highlighting the front view of Rainbow Farm house this view is taken from the verandah looking across the paddocks through the windmill and watertank.


This tree usually only gets a look in later on in the year when the sun has moved back across to the left but the colour and clouds was right across the whole sky 360 degrees .. so nice to see it again in such glorious colour.


I thought that the sunrise could not get any better after all that amazing pink then up it came and shone it’s golden glow over those spectacular clouds and I was in awe.

Took so many images had a terrible time choosing which to keep.

It really made me feel so content and up on high .. had a fleeting thought I should of videoed this morning but I  would of missed all the images that stay forever and image them on your wall to wake up to everyday … for a full look at ALL the images head over to the January sunrise album on Rainbow Farm Photography’s Facebook Page … click HERE

About two hours after the sunrise the rain began … and it rained … and rained … and rained

I took myself and the rainbow farm kids out into it for a very special reason the only reason to go out in that weather ….

it was time to pay for my trip with my husband to Thailand and all its visual wonders. So Look out March the 3rd can’t wait.

It was so easy to get out there and pay for it although the rain soaked trip back to the car after having to park miles away because ever tourist (terrorist) was in town because of the rain .. my beautiful angel did a graceful dive to the ground pink faires umbrella in hand took skin off hand, elbow and knee and I got totally drenched having to calm her down and get her into the car.

She is fine this morning after being plastered from head to toe in band aids

The rain did not stop till late into the night was so nice to hear the rain running into the water tank … won’t have to buy water for a bit longer now.

So with the rain there was no sunset and no going out photographing anything.

A day off after such a beautiful sunrise was good and the land needed the drink everything looks so much healthier this morning.

The rain might be a hinderance but we must remember to think of all the wonders of nature it feeds and enjoy.