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“The first thing you notice about a person is their shoes”

A strange title for a blog post I know you are thinking that.

It came to me while I was watching the GREAT Movie


Kinky Boots



You know what?

It’s funny but I don’t notice shoes… ever.

Is that weird?

When it was said in the movie I thought on this and was worried that I don’t notice shoes .. was I being rude or not paying enough attention?

Then I went further and went into my lack of noticing the ceiling the only time I notice the ceiling is when company is coming and then I look up.

I started to think that I really was not paying attention to my life if I never looked up or down what was I doing?

I notice out in front.




I do see where my feet are going … I see to the sides and out in front.
Being a country girl it is wise to always be looking out in front searching for the perils of nature such as snakes, ants and spiders or even sticks and rabbit holes.


the famous blue tongue


So where do you look? Have you ever stopped and thought about it?

Maybe it says something about us where we look in everyday life. I don’t aim too high just a few steps in front , cautious in every one but never standing still looking at where I am or looking behind at where I have been.

This may be a good thing … I don’t think it’s a bad thing …. Not going backwards is good not standing still also good but only seeing a step or two in front??

Need to look a bit further in front and high into the sky a bit more.




Another quote from the movie was …

“Maybe you shouldn’t judge it in brick Charlie, Maybe it’s what you inspire in others”

This was telling Charlie that he shouldn’t think of how much material things he was leaving as a legacy but of the inspiration he was leaving on all his staff in his business.

I liked this because it is true we are all searching for these $$$ amounts to make us happy when leaving a lasting legacy in our peers and our children is a much better thing to be remembered for.



If you haven’t seen this movie it is a great inspirational movie with a good dash of comedy it is not completely on the mark compared to the actual true story but I think if it makes you laugh and gives you a great message then it is a worthy movie to watch.

Do you know any other GREAT movies that are inspiring and are entertaining as well??

Would love to find them out comment below and I will do a blog post later on with the list of everyone’s great movies as well as my list of favorites.

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Reliving and Releasing 2012

It still amazes me that I did not do one blog post in 2012 it shows that I have something to work on this year .. I know I thought often of blogging and wanted to but stepped away from it because once you have been silent for a few weeks months I always feel like I have to explain my absence but no more I will just put the post up when it comes to me and if it is not in the perfect order then so be it.

This post is a wrap up of what happened in 2012 to give you a taste of all the joy that did happen and even a bit of sadness along the way it was a big year for growth and change for me and I am looking forward to the year ahead to make all those changes come to pass. It may all be a bit confusing will just type and add as I remember things have done a couple of small videos to showcase a few of the images that were taken through out the year there a many more and all can be seen on my facebook pages Rainbow Farm Photography and Sunlit Memories.

Will start with a snap shot video of 2012’s Sunrises it was a beautiful year for sunrises and as I looked through the month choosing five from each one I noticed that although there was a few rainy days most of each month had a beautiful sunrise. I decided in March last year to dedicate a facebook page just to the sunlit images such as sunrises and sunsets and just sun in clouds images.
Sunlit Memories was born and is slowly coming into its own will be developing this name and page a lot more in 2013.

Sunsets and sunshine came my way a lot also in 2012 although I don’t get as many sunsets because they usually occur at dinner time or arsenic hour as it’s called where the rainbow farm kids are a tiny bit of a handful so I am concentrating on getting them fed before they start chewing on me. I may try and change that a bit this coming year maybe a wind down trip outside to enjoy the sunset would be a good thing just have to organize my dinner planning better .. food for thought. Anyway here is a little video with a few of the shots from last year including some beautiful rainbows good old rainbow farm did not disappoint for it’s abundance of rainbows you should check out all the rainbows HERE

There was a bit of change this year and not so much for the good those days that the sun did not shine and the wind and rain battered rainbow farm and the countryside around it we lost a few of our most treasured trees. I am so humbled that I started this journey to photograph the sunrise each day because I got so many beautiful images of these trees before they were lost to us forever and now I have that memory to share and relive in the future.


16th of September 2010 Sunrise

Both of these trees have gone now brought down in storms

RF 130612 tree2

The beautiful Guardian to the the gate of Rainbow Farm is now Gone.

110610 sunrise 1

This beautiful dead tree lost it’s top in a storm and has since fallen down.

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This tree stood in a paddock on a farm on the road leading up to rainbow farm .. the farm ended up for sale .. the new owners destroyed this tree for more crop space before I had a chance to show them it’s true beauty.

I had a big crisis of faith when I lost these beautiful trees in the space of a few months I thought what was the point when the main focus of so much of my work was these trees.  I have managed to go on and I felt really silly grieving for trees that were already dead but I needed that time to grieve they were a big part of my life and now they are gone.  The sun still gets up each morning and I now search further to find some more interesting trees and sunrises images these trees will forever be a memory to cherish and I am so lucky to have photographed them and be able to visit them when ever I want to remember.

A lot happened in 2012 I am sure much more than is shown here and I promise this year you will see more of what is happening on Rainbow Farm in this blog for daily inspiration and healing there is always something up on


Rainbow Farm Photography Facebook Page


Sunlit Memories Facebook Page

I now release 2012 and look for new and exciting adventures in 2013 I hope you can join me on my journey.




Morning Frolicking in my Pyjamas

The Sun is getting up WAY too early lately having to be up by 5am to go for my daily trip to the front gate of Rainbow Farm to see the sun rise.

Now getting up at this ungodly hour is a feat in itself let alone getting up and getting dressed.  If you are out and about at this time of the morning and happen to drive past the Rainbow farm gate you would get a surprise for sure with me wandering down dressed in my pj’s and dressing gown with a coat over the top.

I do this to bring the healing power of the Sun into my world and others to have a forever memory of the day and even to some degree a record of the weather.  There is a joy in celebrating a sunrise on the day of a baby’s birth or on a special occasion Rainbow Farm Photography is happy to customise images for that special forever memory of a special day.  For some examples of customisation click HERE



My morning ritual of taking many sunrise images which I managed over twenty this morning since it was beautiful with no clouds I am always looking for different images to display.   You can see the rest of todays images at my facebook page Rainbow Farm Photography Facebook Page




After coming home and uploading my images to facebook I was sitting here quietly as the children were still asleep I then heard this beautiful bird call from out the front of the house.

Camera in hand I went to investigate.

It was a Golden whistler Bird calling to me and tormenting me from the tops of the trees in line with the rising sun.

Hiding amongst the gum leaves of the tree I took a few shots but didn’t really manage to get a good shot.  Below is a shot taken awhile ago when the bird was more obliging.


Time for the morning Coffee or hot milo in my case (google it if you are not australian bit like ovaltine) … Then ofcourse just as I sit to sip my steaming beverage.

The sound of Red tailed Black Cockatoos calling to each other  drifts through the open fly wire door.

Sigh … I put down the drink, grab the camera and off I go again in the opposite direction of the sun chasing cockatoos .. STILL in my PJ’s.

Now these cheeky birds were laughing at me the whole time as they flew from tree to tree just out of reach.




So all in all its been a fun morning frolicking in my pyjamas and it’s not even 9am yet.

Look forward to the rest of the day and what nature has in store for me.


Rainbow Farm Photography ~ Bringing the Healing Power of Nature into Your World


What you can see when you take the time to look around.

It has been an amazing journey since it dawned on me that my passion was nature photography .  Dawned being the word as a large part of my work is now getting up in the early dawn and capturing the sunrise.

A routine has been set getting up to the sunrise walk each morning and I must admit it was comfortable to have it to do every morning something to add to the Rainbow Farm Photography Facebook Page.  Being comfortable is not always a good thing and it brings you a narrow line of sight.

Do you notice that your day is set with routines and set things to do and places to be ?  We are set on our preset journey and rarely move off that set line.  Get the kids to school , do the shopping , get home do housework or go to work.  I was finding that I had finally got a routine on the go with my photography and thought that was fantastic.  Until….

One of my wonderful followers on my facebook page suggested one of the days of the week ..monday.. could be a day that the members of my page set me an assignment to go photograph something they decide.

This week I was given the task of photographing a bird in flight and you know it was amazing how it changed my world around.

Take on the task with relish and a little bit of fear I had to actually look around at a different world not one involving the sun.  I hadn’t done that in so long I used to get out and take photos of the birds constantly at the beginning of my photographic journey.

Since I had got my routine of sunrise and sunsets I forgot of all the beauty inbetween.  It was a joy to rediscover it all on monday and take the time to follow the birds around the house trying to catch them in flight not an easy task.

I can always count on the 28 parrots to oblige though they love to sit up in the dead tree branches out the front of Rainbow farmhouse.

Take time out of your day to look around routine certainly has its place if I hadn’t set the routine of something different each day for my facebook page then I would never have found out the joy of taking the above shot.  Take time to enjoy the beauty of nature and the variety of it and if routine is such a easy thing for you set yourself a routine to search for it.  I find I daily now look at how the sun is positioned and how many birds fly across my path also the clouds are a constant enjoyment finding funny and interesting images in them.

Set yourself a mission today… count how many birds you see …. Find the funniest image in the clouds you can .. get the kids involved and your friends have a good laugh …. and most of all enjoy the sun even on a rainy day because it can bring a beautiful rainbow which also was another assignment for monday

In Closing take time out of your day or during your rushing around to notice the world around you : )


Jean’s West Men’s T’shirt Competition ..Gotta Be in it To Win it

I found out about the Jean’s West T’shirt Competition awhile ago and have been procrastinating on entering ..why??… well I think there is several reasons.

The fine print in the competition tells me that the photo you enter if it wins is then the property of Jeans west never to be mine again.  This shouldn’t be a problem since I have such a big range of photos now but it still seems to be a sticking point with me.  I hate to let go of my beautiful images especially if someone else ends up making millions out of the thought of what if?  The truth being in my hands it probably never will but there it is.

The other problem being what to enter and how .This is when my perfectionism rears its ugly head and even when I have a good idea and a plan of action I usually leave it to the last minute and just throw something together.  This is basically what i have done after thinking I would do a collage of images as a design I got frustrated and scared and ended up just entering two single images.

A sunset thru tree branches

Windmill in Sepia

Competition please vote

If you click on the photo it will take you to the voting site they are giving away $500 worth of clothes to one lucky voter as well as prizes to the photographers for most public votes and then judging from jeans west for the winning design.

I am way behind with the favourites all round 900 votes… so if you could spend five minutes to vote that would be wonderful and you may even win a prize yourself.

The moral of the story is to put fear aside and DO IT NOW  don’t wait till the last minute to do anything in life DO IT NOW .. life is too short

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It’s Rainbow Season the best time of the year

So excited to see the first rainbow of the season and the added joy of it being at Rainbow Farm’s front gate. With a bit of positioning I managed to get the beautiful tree that guards the front gate in as well.

Welcome to Rainbow Farm

With the first rainbow of the season the rain comes in to refresh the dry landscape and soon the green will return.  The air feels cleaner too and you meet each day with the energy of new life .  Reaching eyes to the sky and all around trying to catch that beautiful rainbow as soon as it appears and hope that the camera is on hand to take the perfect image.

Listen to the wind and the rustle of the trees , the cry of birds that frequent the farm in the cooler months.  Already there is more sightings of black cockatoo’s and flying over of ducks returning.

The joy of rushing out after a rain filled gloomy day to see a bit of sunshine and the reward of a rainbow is just hard to describe in words.  To see the sight in person is amazing but to capture it forever and share with many is a great feeling to know that the healing power of the rainbow can wash away the pain and make a new start for someone else is beautiful.

Such Beauty after a Grey Day

Enjoy the day and if you can’t please enjoy mine : )