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April a month of Learning to trust and fix what is broken with the help of nature’s spirit.

April is here already time is flying by.  It is an interesting reading this month still not exactly the most comfortable with the video thing… but I hope you enjoy it just the same and get alot out of what the cards have to say this month.



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Jean’s West Men’s T’shirt Competition ..Gotta Be in it To Win it

I found out about the Jean’s West T’shirt Competition awhile ago and have been procrastinating on entering ..why??… well I think there is several reasons.

The fine print in the competition tells me that the photo you enter if it wins is then the property of Jeans west never to be mine again.  This shouldn’t be a problem since I have such a big range of photos now but it still seems to be a sticking point with me.  I hate to let go of my beautiful images especially if someone else ends up making millions out of the thought of what if?  The truth being in my hands it probably never will but there it is.

The other problem being what to enter and how .This is when my perfectionism rears its ugly head and even when I have a good idea and a plan of action I usually leave it to the last minute and just throw something together.  This is basically what i have done after thinking I would do a collage of images as a design I got frustrated and scared and ended up just entering two single images.

A sunset thru tree branches

Windmill in Sepia

Competition please vote

If you click on the photo it will take you to the voting site they are giving away $500 worth of clothes to one lucky voter as well as prizes to the photographers for most public votes and then judging from jeans west for the winning design.

I am way behind with the favourites all round 900 votes… so if you could spend five minutes to vote that would be wonderful and you may even win a prize yourself.

The moral of the story is to put fear aside and DO IT NOW  don’t wait till the last minute to do anything in life DO IT NOW .. life is too short